Any Kingdom Hearts Fans?

Miss X

New Member
Sep 22, 2011
I swear, my sister is a Kingdom Hearts addict. Every time I go to her house, or call her, she is playing one of the Kingdom Hearts games. I will admit, I played the first one, and I liked it a lot. What do you think about the Kingdom Hearts games?
I'm a huge fan. I've played and beaten every single one. It has a great story and the game play is fantastic.
Isn't Kingdom Hearts sort of a combination of Final Fantasy and Disney characters? I've heard a little bit about Final Fantasy and it really sounds exciting. It seems like it would be a game to which you could easily become addicted.
Yes, zanyweb, it is a combination of Final Fantasy and Disney. I have only played the first Kingdom Hearts, and I got addicted to it too. I loved the graphics, gameplay, and the character levels.