Xbox 360 Anyone else think the censoring is hilarious?


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Dec 24, 2012
Did you listen to what they did to Mercy? Lmao. It's not even the same song anymore.

Sounds as bad as Friday. Lol.

They really need to think about what songs to include if they're going to butcher them this bad for an E rating.
I agree with you Jim. If the songs are not acceptable for the audience of the game, then they should not be included at all. I think that if the game contains a parental guidance warning so that people know what they are getting, then censorship should not be required.
Wow! I agree. There are a ton of songs out there that they wouldn't need to butcher. Why would they need any song that needed to be censored for a basketball game. Makes no sense to me.
Jay-Z choose all the song the game. I think he did a great job despite butchering Mercy but "I ain't No Joke and The Bounce definitely fits the whole game, and Public Service Announcement is not that bad either. I'm really disapponted after hearing Mercy though. It was so bad I almost wept. It's just a terrible choice. But overall the soundtrack is pretty solid.
This is hands down best soundtrack to any game. Only one close that I can personally think of was maybe a Need for Speed game or GTA. Jay-Z did great on this. Also agree that Mercy shouldnt even have been put in the game however.