Apple iPad2 Is it a threat to other consoles


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Dec 22, 2011
Is Apple's iPad2 a threat to game systems like the 3DS, NGP, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3? Is Apple positioning itself to grab huge swathes of gamers away from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony?
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I don't think the iPad2 is a threat to Xbox 360 or the PS3, but I don't know about the Nintendo 3DS. The iPad2 can do a lot of things, and if Apple starts marketing video games, it's very possible that the iPad will take over the portable game console market. (I just can't see myself ever preferring an iPad over my Xbox 360!)
I don't think it will take over consoles, but more take away from Android Tablets and psps/ psp vita sales. The Nintendo 3DS is not something it will beat though.... the mario and stuff are like more my kids....
I don't think so. Not only is it impossible for tablet games to offer the amount of depth as a regular console game, it's just not the same experience without a larger screen and actual controller at your disposal.
I agree with all others, it won't ever take over gaming consoles. I can see it knocking off other tablets, then again I see the Nook or Kindle Fire doing the same. I think "real gamers" will always want to play games with a regular console on a Big screen TV.
I don't think it's a threat to most consoles. Maybe it can compete with some portables like the 3DS and Vita but in the end an iPad or iPhone game can never offer the quality of the games on the more powerful consoles. That being said, if you're just up for a quick game to pass 20 minutes while on the train then I definitely think they are a great proposition.
I don't think it's a thread to consoles like the 360 and the PS3, but I think it definitely contends with the portables. I for one prefer to just have my iPhone on me and play a game rather than carry around a dedicated portable console.
Hello Carbon Seller. Random place to say hi, but...hi! As for the OP, I don't think it's a threat to consoles. I think of the iPad as being along the lines of cell phones as far as games go. You'll find similar titles on the (obviously) iPhone and Android devices. BB devices not so much, but I know RIM seems to be struggling Here;s a link to a CNN article that I read the other day Link to article. I've had Android devices and an iPhone, as well as a BB, and I would still be happy to use both an Android or iPhone, but you couldn't pay me enough to go back to a BB. But, then again, I am a big social media and gaming junkie :)