Xbox 360 Armored Core 4 Cheats


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Aug 28, 2012
Below you will find Armored Core 4 cheats. Cheats typically create an advantage beyond normal gameplay, usually to make the game easier.

Armored Core 4 Unlockables/Cheats

Hard mode
Successfully finish a chapter on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock the ability to reply any mission from that chapter on the Hard difficulty setting. Press LB and RB to toggles between chapters and X to toggle between the Normal and Hard difficulty setting.

Easy money and schematics
Start with a good AC and play until you reach at least Chapter 3. Start fighting the sim ACs in the ACSIS menu. You will earn a good amount of money for each fight, in addition to the defeated AC's emblem and schematic. The defeated AC schematics will help you defeat more ACs since you will only require a buildable AC to start a mission, and not a sim. However, only use AC schematics that can be tuned to a certain level can be used this way. If you have enough points to tune the AC up then you can do so, otherwise it will be highlighted in red instead of yellow or white. You can also use schematics earned in the sim online.

Easy game progression and money
For an easy-to-use, well balanced AC, pick the TELLUS model when you start Single Player mode. This AC has a weak machine-gun in its right arm weapon slot, and a powerful laser rifle in its left arm weapon slot. Go to the menu screen where you can select the first mission and select the ACSIS button on the right side of the screen to enter the AC Customization Garage. Go to the Weapon menu and select the arm that has the machine-gun. Scroll through available weaponry for that arm until you find a laser rifle similar to the one equipped to your left arm and equip it. These two laser rifles will give you plenty of firepower to destroy just about anything. Once you refine your piloting skills, you will find it easy to Take out enemy MTs, Normals, and Nexts. After you finish the first mission, many new parts will become available for purchase. However, your current model is still more than powerful enough to take on all of the Chapter 2 missions, so you save your money and finish all the Chapter 2 missions.
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