Xbox 360 Armored Core: For Answer Achievements


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Jun 24, 2012
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Below you can find the all the achievements you can earn in Armored Core: For Answer. You get points for completing specific game tasks or by simply completing levels. There really are a number of ways you can unlock an achievement. This guide or list will help you figure that out faster. Check the description below to see how the achievement is unlocked. By obtaining points you’ll increase your Gamerscore associated with your Xbox Live Profile. Hey, some people call it bragging rights and others will call it good form when completing the game. It’s up to you decide if you want the extra motivation to go after these. Enjoy!

Armored Core: For Answer Achievement List

Chapter 1 (20)
Awarded for completing Chapter 1

Chapter 2 (20)

Awarded for completing Chapter 2

Chapter 3 (20)

Awarded for completing Chapter 3

Ending 1 (40)

Awarded for completing story

AF Land Crab (20)

Awarded for defeating AF Land Crab

AF Soldios Orbit (20)

Awarded for defeating AF Soldios Orbit

AF Stigro (20)

Awarded for defeating AF Stigro

AF Eclipse (20)

Awarded for defeating AF Eclipse

AF Cabracan (20)

Awarded for defeating AF Cabracan

AF The Spilit of Motherwill (20)

Awarded for defeating AF The Spilit of Motherwill

AF Great Wall (20)

Awarded for defeating AF Great Wall

AF Jet (20)

Awarded for defeating AF Jet

AF Answerer (20)

Awarded for defeating AF Answerer

Normal Difficulty (20)

Awarded for completing all Normal Missions

Hard Difficulty (20)

Awarded for completing all Hard Missions

Mission Rank S (30)

Awarded for achieving Total Mission Rank S

Mission Rank SS (40)

Awarded for achieving Total Mission Rank SS

Arena Rank 20 (20)

Awarded for ranked in the top 20

Arena Rank 10 (20)

Awarded for ranked in the top 10

Arena (30)

Awarded for completing arena

Class E (20)

Awarded for promoted to Class E

Class C (20)

Awarded for promoted to Class C

Class A (30)

Awarded for promoted to Class A

Ranker (40)

Awarded for promoted to Ranker

1000 wins (20)

Awarded for achieving 1000 wins

1000 kills (20)

Awarded for achieving 1000 kills

2000 wins (20)

Awarded for achieving 2000 wins

2000 kills (20)

Awarded for achieving 2000 kills

3000 wins (20)

Awarded for achieving 3000 wins

3000 kills (20)

Awarded for achieving 3000 kills

4000 wins (20)

Awarded for achieving 4000 wins

4000 kills (20)

Awarded for achieving 4000 kills

5000 wins (20)

Awarded for achieving 5000 wins

5000 kills (20)

Awarded for achieving 5000 kills

7500 wins (20)

Awarded for achieving 7500 wins

7500 kills (20)

Awarded for achieving 7500 kills

10000 wins (40)

Awarded for achieving 10000 wins

10000 kills (40)

Awarded for achieving 10000 kills

Secret Achievements

Ending 2 (40)
Awarded for completing story

Ending 3 (40)

Awarded for completing story

ORCA Arena (30)

Awarded for completing ORCA arena