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Aug 28, 2012
Army of Two: The 40th Day Cheats

Below you will find Army of Two: The 40th Day cheats. Cheats typically create an advantage beyond normal gameplay, usually to make the game easier.

Army Of Two: The 40th Day Unlockables/Cheats

Prequel bonus
Have a saved game file from the original Army Of Two to unlock the AS-KRI and S0-Z Grand Pinger so that you can purchase them.

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Big Heads" and "Infinite Ammo" cheats in the "Options" menu.

Bonus costumes
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Civilian, End, Light Armor, Mall, Medium Armor, and Old School costumes.

Start with fully upgraded weapons
Start a new game and use the money you start with to upgrade your weapons or buy new ones. Play the game until you reach the cutscene with the moral choice. Select the moral choice, then return to the main menu during the cutscene with the explosions. Select Campaign mode, and choose the one that was just played. Select "New", and you will start with all the previously bought weapons, upgrades, and money from the previous mission. However, you can upgrade your weapons again. Repeat this process to fully upgrade and purchase all the starting weapons.

New areas
As you enter a new area, spare some time to explore it. You may find civilians around that need your protection, or alternate paths for you and your partner to exploit.

Easy "Grenadier" achievement
At the first "Civilian" hostage spot in Chapter 1, bind the three enemies on the ground, then throw a grenade in their midst to get the "Grenadier" achievement. Note: the grenade will also kill the civilians, so restart from the checkpoint after getting the achievement.

Easy "Hate Monger" achievement
Upgrade a weapon until it has nearly a 100% aggro rating to get the "Hate Monger" achievement. Note: You will add a lot of aggro with Style upgrades such as Jigsaw and Pimp.

Easy "Pumpkin Patch" achievement
At the first "Civilian" hostage spot in Chapter 1, have your partner bind the first enemy down. When the other two enemies get on their knees, shoot them both in the head with one bullet to get the "Pumpkin Patch" achievement.

Easy "Rock, Paper, Scissors" achievement
While not in combat, move next to your partner and press Y to play rock, paper, scissors. Use the D-pad to select rock, paper, or scissors. Win three times in a row to get the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" achievement.
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I actually didn't really know about those two. Though I wish this game featured actual cheats, because in some ways, it needs it. There are alot of weapons and attachments you can buyt it it's just seems a waste to me to not be able to have some sort of infinity money cheat for when you are playing offline (achivements would be disable of course). Oh well.
I didn't know there were cheats, holy crap. Good excuse to boot up this old amazing game again! Thanks for sharing.
I have finished the game a long ago. Nothing spectacular. It was mediocre at best.

I am not sure I would play it again.
This reminds me of how much i miss my old video-games cheats. Why did developers stop putting big heads, infinite ammo, moon gravity and other crazy stuff for the players to have some fun? Damn, remember Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series? That game had it all and it was one of the few i played for days on end with friends, having some crazy fun!