Xbox 360 Assassin’s Creed 3 - Boston Brawlers Guide


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Aug 28, 2012
Boston Brawlers Guide

The Boston Brawlers is a fight club that spans all the 3 territories - New York, Boston and the Frontier. There are no weapons allowed in these fights, and you have to defeat an enemy with your bare hands to unlock access to the club. You will only be able to unlock this after Sequence 5.

Once you have joined the club, you will have two main goals: to defeat all Boston Brawler champions, past and present, and to complete the standard three tiers of challenges.

You must complete both the fights and the challenges to earn 100% completion of the game. You will also earn other benefits like Multiplayer rewards, money, and some random recipes for Crafting.

Boston Brawlers Challenges - Tier 1

Achieve a 5 enemy kill streak
Once you counter or kill an enemy, you initiate a kill streak. Just keep it up until you get this.

Disarm 5 enemies
After you initiate a counter, just press A to disarm the enemy.

Kill 5 enemies affected by a smoke bomb in no more than 10 seconds
Simply find or attract a group of guards, drop the smoke bomb, then quickly kill them.

Kill 10 officers
This should be easy enough.

Kill 25 enemies with the hidden blade
You will get this naturally as you play along

Stealth kill 10 enemies
You will get many opportunities for this.

Boston Brawlers Challenges - Tier 2

Have the assassin recruits assist Connor in combat 10 times
After getting your first recruit, just press LB during combat to summon them.

Kill 10 grenadiers
Grenadiers have a large backpack and a musket. You can get this in the mission "Conflict Looms" where you need to air assassinate one.

Kill an enemy with all types of weapons
Go to a general store, buy one of each weapon type, and kill an enemy with it.

Perform 5 Double Assassinations
You will get enough opportunities to do this

Liberate 3 forts
To liberate a fort, you must (1) blow up their powder reserve, (2) kill the enemy captain, and (3) switch their flag for your own. Rinse and repeat two more times.

Boston Brawlers Challenges - Tier 3

Achieve a 7 enemy kill streak
Once you counter or kill an enemy, you initiate a kill streak. Just keep it up until you get this.

Defend yourself from firing 10 times with a human shield
You can farm this with Haytham when he shows you how to use a human shield.

Disarm and kill 10 Jagers with their own weapons
You can get this when going for the Jager Bomb achievement/trophy.

Own every weapon available in stores
Accumulate enough money and buy all weapon types from the stores.

Use a rope dart to do a predator move 5 times
Climb up on a tree, snare your foe, and hold down on the left stick.

Boston Brawlers Missions

First, you have to go to Boston and talking to the Organizer to unlock the first fight. Below are the opponents you have to defeat in the lead up to the final tournament.

Peter Bunyon
You will find him in Troy's Wood Region in the Frontier. His location is marked with Boston Brawlers icon on the main map. He is in a stable yard with three associates. Once the fight starts, concentrate on eliminating his associates first. Take them down with Counter-kills then turn your attention to Bunyon. Use counter-disarm or throw on him, then follow it up with several attacks.

The Sailor
He is to be found in the Western part of New York, and his location is marked with a Boston Brawlers icon. He will be on his ship with 3 friends. Use counter-kills to eliminate his friends first. The Sailor is immune to counter-kills so use counter-disarm to create an opening then follow up with a series of attacks.

The Sailor.jpg

The Smuggler
He is found in the Northern part of Central Boston, and his location is marked with a Boston Brawlers icon. Quickly eliminate his 3 associates, then use counter-disarm and counter throw to breakdown his defenses. When his health goes below 50%, he will call for help, and a second smuggler will appear accompanied by two associates. Take out the associates quickly and use the same strategy to defeat the second smuggler.

The Stinger
He is in the Frontier, in the Diamond Basin to the east of the lake, and his location is marked with a Brawlers icon. He is also accompanied by three associates, which you should eliminate first using counter-kills. Use counter-disarms to break the Stinger's defenses then attack him with melee combos. He will try break your melee combos by pushing you away.

The Rope Beater
He is found in the Ropeyard near the docks in Eastern Boston, and his location is marked with the Boston Brawlers icon. Quickly eliminate his associates so that you remain with him. He is only vulnerable to counter-throws. Keep throwing him into barrels and tables until his health is depleted.


The Merchant
He is found in the Northeast of New York, inside a Windmill yard, and his location is marked with a Brawlers icon. Talk to him to start the fight then quickly take out his associates so that you remain with him. Use Counter-throw or Break Defense to get through his guard and take him down.

The Tournament

The Tournament is the final mission for the Boston Brawlers Club, and it is held in the Brewery in Boston. The location of the Brewery may not be marked on the map, so here is a video to help you find it:


Here, you will fight with the best brawlers in the club. Generally, you will use the same strategy you have used with the other brawlers; block their attacks, then counter with a series of attacks. However, there are a few differences for each opponent.

Note: The crowd will attack you if you get too close to the fence so keep your distance.

Fight 1: The Redcoat
Start by eliminating his 3 associates, then use Disarms and Breaks on him. He will be given his sword when his health is about to run out. Maintain the same strategy until you finish him off.


Fight 2: The Docker
He also has 3 associates you need to eliminate first. Use Break Defense and Counter-throws on him against the barrels on the side of the ring to create openings for yourself, then follow with a series of attacks

Fight 3: The Surgeon
He will drug Connor just before the fight starts. The screen will be blurry, and your health will gradually run out. Quickly eliminate his 3 associates with a kill streak then focus on him. Use throws and break defense to create openings you need to get at the Surgeon quickly before your health completely runs out.

Fight 4: The Huntress
Start by eliminating the usual 3 associates so that you can concentrate on fighting this lady who likes to use her smoke bombs. Try as much as possible to avoid the stun of the smoke bomb. She will regain her full health several times during the fight. Just keep using Break Defense and Counter-disarm/throw to get the openings you need to beat her and win the Tournament.