Xbox 360 Assassin’s Creed 3 - Delivery Requests


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Aug 28, 2012
Delivery Requests Guide

The Delivery Requests in Assassin's 3 involve you bringing a certain number of specific items to specified people. You can craft these items, hunt for them or purchase them from stores. You must collect all the items for a request and deliver them together at once to the quest giver.

You can check your progress for any open request from the map menu.Your completion percentage in the DNA Tracker is based not on number of missions, but by region completion (Boston, New York, and the Frontier). Finishing all missions in a region will advance your percentage by 33%.

Below is a list of all locations and items required for the delivery requests:


Central Boston:

Directly north of the General store found there.

Paper - 3

Hair Accessory - 2

Toy Dolls - 2

Golden Rings - 1

Soap - 2

Southern Boston:

Directly north of a fast travel point (East Fields Travel Point).

Raccoon Pelt - 5

Deer Pelt - 5

Beaver Pelt - 5

Buttons - 2

Fox Pelt - 3



Just south of the store, fast travel, and tavern.

Bear Pelt - 3

Wolf Pelt - 5

Beaver Teeth - 5

Bobcat Pelt - 3

Cougar Pelt - 3

Troy's Woods:

Northeast corner of the region.

Bear Claws - 3

Bobcat Claws - 3

Wolf Fangs - 3

Cougar Fangs - 3

Elk Antlers - 3

Valley Forge

The man is standing next to a wheelhouse located along the river, near Washington's Valley Forge camp.

Bear Grease - 1

Deer Marrow - 3

Rabbit's Foot - 5

Elk Heart - 1

Fox Tail - 1

New York

Northern New York:

It is near the fort on the top right of the map by the piers. The delivery guy should be standing under a sign that says The Crown. If this part of the map is blurry, you will have to uncover it manually.

Cough Syrup - 1

Eye Drops - 1

Pomade - 1

All-Purpose Remedy - 1

Stomach Remedy - 1

Eastern New York:

In the streets to the North of the fast Travel Station, located West of the second Southernmost Harbor Master.

Ale - 3

Cider - 2

Spirits - 2

Tea - 2

Deer Jerky - 2

Western New York

On the docks, near two barrels to the very left of the map. It's a bit across from the fort.

Salt - 1

Venison - 5

Hare Meat - 5

Elk Meat - 5

Bread - 2

Here is a video to help you with the delivery requests: