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Aug 28, 2012
Hunting Society Guide

During the game, if you are good at tracking and killing animals, some gentleman will come and invite you to join the Hunting Society.Once you join, you will gain access to unique locations (hunting cabins). The society missions involve hunting rare animals, and when you complete them, you will rank up the society until you reach a final mission that earns you a big reward.

Common prey include deer and rabbits, but there are some trophy animals like bears, moose and elk that are more difficult to find. You have to track them, find any evidence they leave behind, and hunt them down.

After killing the animal, skin it for its pelt, which can then be pawned off at trading posts. The cleaner your kill, the higher the value of the pelt will be. If you can kill the animal without shooting it, you will get cleaner pelt, but you risk getting injured by the animal.

In most cases, you will be required to go to the hunting cabins. Here is a video to help you find all the cabin locations:


Hunting Challenges - Tier 1

Kill 5 Deer
This should be simple enough. There are many deer in the Frontier, if you have find it hard killing them using the hidden blade or arrows, you can shoot them.

Kill a Wolf
You'll get this naturally as you play along.

Skin 10 Animals
During DNA sequence 4 mission 2, you will skin about 7 to 10 animals so this challenge should be easy. To skin a animal just walk over to it after killing it and press B/O.

Sell Hunting Spoils Worth 500 Pounds
You can get this at the beginning of the game with either Haytham or Connor, since one of the first missions is learning how to hunt with Connor. Find a shop anywhere and sell all the spoils you have. This will earn you the 500 pounds.

Use Bait With A Snare To Capture 5 Animals
This might be a little difficult. You should look for a clue of a small animal, for example a hare, throw some bait, and set up a snare to catch it.

Kill a bear with the Hidden Blade
Go to Packanack (near the inlet's shoreline at the bottom-left of the region), or John's Town (near the lake's right and bottom shoreline in the center of the region). Climb up a tree and assassinate them from the air, or just run up and stab them.

You can also get this during the Homestead mission which involves Prudence going missing and is trapped by a bear. Run up behind the bear and stab it with the hidden blade.

Hunting Challenges - Tier 2

Stealth kill 5 animals using bait
You can do this easily from a tree since you can drop bait from up high.

Skin 25 animals
To skin an animal, stand over it once it is dead and press O/B.

Kill 10 animals with the Hidden Blade
Perform QTE, air assassinations, or any other method to kill by hand.

Capture 20 animals with the snare
First, find an area heavily populated with hares or raccoons (around Concord is good since the shop to replenish supplies is close by). set up 2 traps close to each other in a bush and throw some bait. This will help you use less bait. Bait draws out the animals faster so you don't have to wait for long.

Kill 15 animals with the bow
For smaller animals like hares, simply lock-on and shoot. For larger animals like deer, go for a headshot, as it will almost always kill the animal. It is not advisable to shoot Elk or bears with an arrow as they will simply run away or attack.

Hunting Challenges - Tier 3

Skin every species of animal
Confirm all the species using the hunting map located below

Kill 5 animals from horseback
Ride close to an animal while on horseback and jump off to perform an assassination on the creature. Using guns and arrows will not count. The beavers make great targets, as they are quite slow and sluggish.

Trade hunting spoils worth a total of £ 2000
You can sell goods to a general store or convoys. When selling to convoys, you have to go all the way down to Connor's inventory or else it won't count.

Kill 10 animals in close combat
Attract a predator's attention (predators are bears, wolves, and male Elk) until they attack you and the QTE (quick-time event) button sequence starts. Assassinations sometimes don't count.

Have collected 50 Undamaged pelts
Firearms, trip mines and rope darts damage pelts, while hidden blades, Poison darts, and arrows do not.

Complete your Hunting Map:
You do not need to kill one of every available animal in each area, you only need to discover them. This means that for each animal, you can either kill it, or analyze a clue it left. Either method counts as a discovery.

Black Creek - hare, beaver, elk, bobcat

Valley Forge - hare, beaver, raccoon, elk

Packanack - hare, beaver, bobcat, bear

Monmouth - hare, elk, raccoon, fox

Troy's Wood - hare, deer, elk, wolf

Scotch Plains - hare, deer, cougar, raccoon

Lexington - hare, raccoon, fox, deer

Great Piece Hills - hare, elk, wolf, bobcat

John's Town - hare, bear, fox, elk

Kanien keh - hare, fox, deer, cougar

Diamond Basin - beaver, deer, wolf, cougar

Concord - hare, raccoon, deer, beaver

Homestead - hare, wolf, fox, beaver, raccoon, elk, deer

Hunting Society Quests

There are a total of six hunting missions to complete, and they are all located in the Frontier. You will get the first mission when you enter a hunting cabin for the first time in the Frontier. Completing one mission will unlock the next one, until you have done all six.

The Man-Eater
In the marked area Southwest of the Frontier, there is a bear that is attacking and eating humans who are trying to establish settlements there. The whole area is full of bears so be prepared to encounter many of them. Several clues, in the form of blood splatter, will lead you to the man-eating bear's cave across the river. Once there, follow the prompts and use the corpse lying nearby as bait to lure the bear out so that you can kill it.

Feline Feet
In the Northwest are of the Frontier, there is a bobcat that is very hard to kill because it is quite slippery. Use Eagle Vision to help you follow its unique tracks. When you find it, spring on it and try killing it before it starts running.

The Patriarch
The target deer is found in the marked area north of Connor's village. Use Eagle Vision and it will appear golden in color. Creep up from behind it until you are close enough to attack.You can also place bait below the nearby cliff then air assassinate it when it comes to feed.

The Pack Leader
Start in the Northwestern part of the Frontier and head South. Use Eagle Vision to follow the clues until you find the pack of wolves. Kill the three wolves you find first. This will lure out their pack leader for you to kill. If it runs, you can use arrows.

Acute Cat
In the Northeast of the Frontier, there is a vicious cougar that you are supposed to kill. Climb the cliff there and follow the trail until you come to where the cougar is.

The Elk Bachelor
From where you get the mission, head East into the Valley Forge region. You will find its tracks near the pool in the area and follow them. When you find the elk, try sneaking up on it to finish it quickly. If it runs, you can chase it using your horse, get close, then jump off to air assassinate it.