Xbox 360 Assassin’s Creed 3 - The Thieves Club Guide


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Aug 28, 2012
The Thieves Club Guide

During the game, if you show that you have good pickpocketing skills, you will be invited to join the Thieves Club. You can steal from targets that are alive, or loot from dead enemies. Stealing will help you acquire specific items you need to fulfill certain missions. To steal from a target, you have to sneak up on them and avoid detection. Then, press and hold the B button. A circle will appear, and when a white line travels all the way round the circle, you will have performed a successful steal. You can continue holding the B button so that you continue stealing, giving yourself a better chance of getting bigger and more valuable items. However, you risk being detected if you stay for too long. Looting is also done in the same way, but the target is dead so you don't need to sneak up on them.

To unlock the Thieves Club challenges you just have to pickpocket a total of £100 from Sequence 5.

Thieves Club Challenges - Tier 1

Catch a courier
Couriers are tax collectors that will occasionally show up in the game and are represented on your mini map by a large, red marker.Chase after them and, if need be, use a rope dart to slow them down so that you can tackle them. They are very rare, and you cannot make them spawn. They are more likely to be found in the busier parts of New York and Boston.

Kill 10 enemies from hiding places
There are several different places to hide throughout the game. Try finding one that is near a building, then run around to attract the attention of the guards. You could also whistle to get their attention. Then quickly run back and eagle dive into the haystack to kill them. Alternatively, you could go to Sequence 9, Missing Supplies, and just keep restarting the checkpoint after you get in the haystack and kill two guards.

Loot 10 bodies
After killing enemies, walk up to them and press B button to loot them.

Perform 25 air assassinations
Get yourself in position above an enemy and press X button to perform an air assassination.

Pickpocket £200
Creep up to an enemy and hold B button to pickpocket them. Continue holding B button for longer pickpocketing. However, you risk being detected if you hold too long.

Thieves Club Challenges - Tier 2

Escape from open conflict by using escape or hiding places 10 times
To get this easily, simply trigger 'open conflict' and then run into a hay stack.

Lure away a Guard Dog using bait 3 times
You will find a dog at the general store in the middle of Frontier. Walk up that road until it sniffs you then run away and throw bait. Rinse and repeat.

This video shows you how to get another dog in a different location:


Perform 30 stealth kills without being detected
For this, you can stab anyone as long as you are not detected.

Steal everything from a guard 3 times
Creep up to a guard and keep holding B button to steal everything.

Steal everything a rich citizen has without being detected
To find a rich citizen easily, just go to New York or Boston and look for people dressed in fancy clothes like those of Haytham. Creep up behind one and keep holding B button to steal everything.

Thieves Club challenges - Tier 3

Find and empty 10 chests in New York
To make this easy, just buy the chest map and use it.

Pickpocket £1500
To help you pickpocket people easily, you can throw money into a crowd to distract them.

Poison 5 enemies
Get this easily by using the poison darts

Successfully attack and loot a convoy 3 times
Convoys appear in the Frontier. They have a fixed location on the road to the left of the map.

Win £500 by playing minigames
If you want to play the legitimately, it is advisable to pick Checkers or Bowls. If you just want to speed through this, play online to quickly win at Nine Men's Morris.