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Aug 28, 2012
Below you will find Assassin’s Creed cheats. Cheats typically create an advantage beyond normal gameplay, usually to make the game easier.

Assassin’s Creed Unlockables/Cheats

Completion bonus
Successfully finish the game. When the Memory Blocks are played again in Story mode, you will not get penalized for killing anyone. Furthermore, you can use Eagle Vision at any time, no matter the Synchronization levels inside of the Animus.

Easy kills
Equip your hidden blade. Press B to throw an enemy to the ground, and stab them while they are down by pressing X. This will come in handy when you are surrounded by enemies, or when assassinating targets.

Escaping from guards
Climb a high roof when being chased, and kill any guards that follow you. After a few kills, they will leave you alone.

Easy citizen missions
When you want to help a citizen, hold LT and press X with the dagger ready. This will eliminate one of the guards and make things easier for you. It is possible assassinate two guards before they notice you.

Easier interrogations
Once you have moved the "target" to a secure area to "interrogate" them, first punch them, then "grab" them to speed up things. You will need about two grabs to quickly finish them. However, towards the end of the game, you may have to grab them up to four times.

Unlocking doors
Successfully finish the game, and allow the credits to end. You will acquire the access code for the computer attached to the Animus. Hack the computer to access an inbox, outbox, and deleted message. Read the email in the inbox about the conference room to enable you access it via the keypad.

Defeating Al Mualim
When fighting the Master, he will deny you the ability to use radar, so it will be difficult for you to see. This also gives him a chance to kill you with one hit. Lock on to him, and use a throwing knife against him. This will neutralize his power to blind you and make him easier to kill.

Defeating Templars
When starting a fight against a Templar, press LT to lock on to him. Then, quickly equip the hidden blade. Wait for him to attack you so that you can counter attack and kill him with one blow. If you counter with the sword, you will only knock the Templar down without killing him.

Defeating William of Montferrat in Acre
The quickest way to complete this mission is to wait for all the guards (or most of them) to leave William, then drop down from the castle and slay him. Next, "de-target" or deselect, and run up into the castle buildings and battlement to escape.


Loud assassination: Hold LT + RT and press X while running up to a guard, and it will work from almost any angle. However, it is noisy and makes civilians run for the guards.

Silent assassination: Hold LT and press X. Not always easy to perform, and works best when used behind guards so that you are not heard.

Transformers reference
Go to the southwestern-most vigilantes in the poor district of Damascus. One of the buildings there has an outcropping in the wall that closely resembles G1 Optimus Prime in vehicle mode. Note: You may see more than one outcropping in the area, so check carefully. If you lose sight of the vigilantes, you have gone too far.

Easy "Eagle's Challenge" achievement
In Memory Block 1, after Al Mualim asks you to go repel the Templar attack on the Fortress, position yourself at the intersection located about 135 feet from the destination, just after the path that leads to the Creed building. Guards will continuously respawn down the right fork. Your status will not be "exposed" until you go to the destination. You can, therefore, just stand still and kill 25 guards to get the achievement easily.

Easy "Eagle's Dive" achievement
In Masyaf, go to the training arena in the castle, and choose the option for combo kill. Successfully perform it three times and the match will end. Select it again, and repeat until you unlock the achievement.

Easy "Eagle's Flight" achievement
When you first reach Damascus, and there is a citizen you must save, kill two of the three guards. Then, back yourself into a corner or stall from which you cannot be pushed out and hold RT to guard. You can hold on for about ten minutes to get the achievement, or put a rubber band around your controller and RT to leave the game idle.

Easy "Eagle's Will" achievement
At the start the game, immediately after you see the Knights Templar, enter the room with the Ark Of The Covenant. Move towards the ladder in front, and jump to the left of it. You should fly through the wall and land on a square outline behind it. Walk towards the center of the square, and you will fall through, and die soon after. Once you die, you will get the "Eagle's Will" achievement.

Easy "Gifted Escapist" achievement
Go into any of the main cities, for example Damascus, Poor District. Find a merchant stand, and start hopping through it until you get the achievement. If you can find two stands next to each other, you will save time jumping through them simultaneously.

Easy "March of the Pious" achievement
Damascus is a good place to unlock this achievement easily. Make sure you save the citizen in front of the main gates first. After that, go to the scholars and blend in with them. As they go past the main group of guards, start pressing Deblend continuously to make you go in and out of blend mode continuously. After a short while, the achievement will unlock.

Easy "Visions of the Future" achievement
After you finish the game, walk to your bedroom, and use Eagle Vision on the wall behind your bed. Scan it from left to right, and then the credits will begin. Once they end, you will get the achievement.
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