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Aug 28, 2012
Encyclopedia of the Common Man - Guide

Assassin's Creed 3 has a lengthy side-quest mission called Encyclopedia of the Common Man. It will be given to you by your Helper Achilles in the Homestead at the beginning of the sixth sequence. It involves going round the Homestead and taking scans of artisans and workers to fill in Encyclopedia entries. When you come across a worker or artisan engaging in a suitable activity, you are required to scan their actions.

Finding the entries is not easy, and you have to recruit every optional character. Most of these optional characters will not become available until later in the game. The workers/craftsmen are; Woodworker, Lumberer, Miner, Farmer, Hunter, Doctor, Blacksmith, Tailor, and Innkeeper.

To scan a subject, enter precision aiming mode and move the reticle over the subject. Using Eagle Vision, the subject will appear in gold if they are engaged in a suitable activity, otherwise they will appear blue. Some of the activities are common between two or more artisans/workers. However, once you scan an activity for one subject, you cannot scan the same activity for another subject.

Below is a list of the workers/craftsmen and their activities which you can scan:

Blacksmith (Big Dave)

-Sharpening tools

-Nailing on horseshoes

-Hammering metal

-Unloading a cart

-Repairing a wagon's wheel

Doctor (Lyle White)

-Reading a newspaper

-With a client

-Taking measurements

-Writing in a journal

-Tending to the herbs

-Playing the Bowls game

Farmer (Warren and Prudence)

-Milking cows

-Plowing the field

-Cutting wheat

-Plucking chicken

-Pouring grain

-Keeping bees

Hunter (Myriam)

-Skinning deer

-Setting traps

-Sharpening tools

-Trading pelt

-Firing musket at game

Innkeeper (Oliver and Corinne)

-Cutting meat

-Pitching hay

-Crushing apples

-Whipping the bull

-Stomping grapes

-Changing bottles

-Idling behind bar

Lumberer (Godfrey and Terry)

-Splitting log

-Sawing wood

-Loading lumber

-Unloading cart

Miner (Norris)

-Mining using the pick-axe

-Sifting rocks

-Lighting a mine lantern

-Sharpening tools

Tailor (Ellen)

-Sewing while seated

-Taking measurements

-With a client

-Trading pellets

Woodworker (Lance)


-Planing wood

-Checking fence

-Sanding a chair

-Repairing a beam

Here is a video to help you out on this side quest.

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Thanks for this guide! It is very detailed. Personally, I am not much of a side mission guy, I tend to try to do some side missions but end up getting wrapped up in the main mission. All of the sudden BOOM, 10 hours later and I finished the game. I definitely want to go into some of the side missions just because of how much I like this game. Thanks again for the guide.