Xbox 360 Assassin's Creed 3 - Lumberers Artisan Missions


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Jun 24, 2012
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Below you'll find the guide to leveling your Lumberer Artisan ranking. Artisan rankings can be increased by completing the various missions that are associated with each unique artisan. You’ll want to make sure that you don’t forget to recruit the artisans and workers. If you don’t, they won’t be able to level and, well, this guide will be useless! Artisan quests will appear in each sequence starting with Sequence 5. Make sure to follow the leveling guide to ensure that all future leveling prerequisites are met so that you can continue to level your artisans in later sequences.

Sequence 5

River Rescue
  • Available only in the summer time.
  • Talk to Godfrey outside the Davenport Homestead Manor to get this mission
  • Godfrey and Terry are the artisans
  • Unlocks Artisan Level 1, the Lumber Mill and the Lumberers’ House
  • For full synchronization, don’t touch the water while rescuing Terry! See the rocks and log to the right that kind of line up perfectly? Jump on them to get to him without getting wet.
  • Make sure to return to Achilles after finishing this Lumberers’ Event

Burglar on the Homestead
  • Talk to the woman who is calling for help to begin this mission
  • Unlocks Artisan Level 2, Walnut Lumber and other various items from the Lumberers
  • Chase and kill the burglar that is trying to break into the house. You don’t have to follow the path that the woman takes. Feel free to run straight to the house. Easy, no?

Sequence 6

Note: Talk to Achilles to begin the side-quest “Encyclopedia of the Common Man” but don’t worry about finishing until you’ve recruited every worker and artisan.

The Fight
  • Start the mission by talking to Terry’s son
  • Follow the kids to the fight and break it up. Make sure that it doesn’t happen again.
  • Keep the two icons from reaching the center. If they do, you’ll fail the mission. You want to use the L and R sticks to get the icons to the outer edges. If you see a green bar, you’re doing well!
  • After breaking up the fight, go back and talk to Godfrey and Terry.
  • Unlocks Artisan Level 3, Spruce Lumber and other various items from the Lumberers

Sequence 07

: After staying with the Innkeepers, you can begin Achilles’ side-quest here. You’ll also need to have started his Sequence 06 side-quest, but not completed.

Bowls Beginner
  • The starting location is just north of the Mile’s End Tavern. Talk to Godfrey and Terry to begin the mission
  • The objective is to learn how to play Bowls, but you actually get full synchronization whether you win or lose, so if you don’t actually want to learn how to play, you don’t have to.
  • Unlocks Artisan Level 4 and forest resources from the Lumberers
  • This is the final Lumberers mission!