Xbox 360 Assassin's Creed 3 Templar Fort Locations


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Nov 30, 2012
Here is a quick guide to finding all the templar fort locations in Assassin's Creed 3. Getting all the Templar Fort Locations will help in getting the Completionist Achievement, good stuff you'll find, and in obtaining 100% Synchronization. Finding and then taking these forts will allow you to decrease taxes and increase your revenue on from the convoys in the game as long as they cross the district where the taken fort is. Their are 7 areas to find in the game and they won't appear on your game map until they are discovered. Once you do find fort locations, the next steps are basically the same to take the Templar forts. First, you'll need to find the Templar Fort Captains and take them out. These guys will identified with a red hexagon. Next step is to Ignite the powder reserve. To do this one you'l have to locate the door which is marked with a red hexagon, and bring down the British flags. You will not be able to lower the flag until the guard captain is defeated and the you have ignited the powder reserve. Their are three in the Frontier and two in both the Boston and New York areas. Best to start going after these sometime after sequence 5. You'll have to do one of those 3 things above to keep the fort resetting when you leave.

1.) Boston - Fort Independence
This one is located in south Boston in south western end of the map. This near to the Boston Common landmark. Best way to get to this one is head to the fort to go east from the Boston commons.


2.) Boston - Fort Hill
Make sure you've got some poison darts as this fort is located in Central Boston. This one will be located by the docks.


3.) Frontier - Fort Saint Mathieu

To get to this fort head east from the New York fast travel point into the frontier.


4.) Frontier - Fort Monmouth
This one is at the southwest corner of the Monmouth. Sometimes the guard captain gets stuck in the ground preventing you from taking him out. If this happens just restart.


5.) Frontier - Fort Durquesne
Found in the Northwest of frontier.


6.) New York - Fort Division
Located in the very north east corner of New York.


7.) New York - Fort Washington
This fort is located on the central western side of new york. It'll be by the docks.

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