Xbox 360 Avatar: The Burning Earth Achievements


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Jun 24, 2012
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Below you can find the all the achievements you can earn in Avatar: The Burning Earth. You get points for completing specific game tasks or by simply completing levels. There really are a number of ways you can unlock an achievement. This guide or list will help you figure that out faster. Check the description below to see how the achievement is unlocked. By obtaining points you’ll increase your Gamerscore associated with your Xbox Live Profile. Hey, some people call it bragging rights and others will call it good form when completing the game. It’s up to you decide if you want the extra motivation to go after these. Enjoy!

Avatar: The Burning Earth Achievement List

The Flow of Combat I (150)
Achieve a Hit Counter of 10

The Flow of Combat II (150)

Achieve a Hit Counter of 20

The Flow of Combat III (200)

Achieve a Hit Counter of 30

The Art of Combat (200)

Achieve a Hit Counter of 40

One with Combat (300)

Achieve a Hit Counter of 50