Xbox 360 Bad Company series


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Sep 22, 2011
I personally, as a BF2 player for years (I made it to colonel with a 400k global score) find Bad Company to be a terrible game. Both of them were some of the worst games I've seen from EA in a while.
I too played BF2 and the other Battlefields on the PC. That's what got me into the series. I was hardcore into BF2 when I bought a new gaming PC with Vista. After that I could no longer play BF2 because Punkbuster always booted me. I couldn't figure out what happened from going with XP to Vista. It ruined my gaming. I only bought the Xbox360 as a gift for my wife at the time. I picked up BC1 because I saw it was from Battlefield. I got hooked on it. Then 1943 came out in the arcade and that was all I played. I became one of the best in that game. I got pumped for BC2 and I put in about 200 hours on it, but I got bored of it quickly. My clan went on and finished the last season in 5th place on the ladder, but I was back in 1943. I think the graphics were too good or something. I just didn't like it. Bad Company 1 was different though. The game play was way better and the vehicles and visibility. I don't play Bad Company 1 now, but it was a good game.