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Below you can find the all the achievements you can earn in Batman: Arkham Asylum. You get points for completing specific game tasks or by simply completing levels. There really are a number of ways you can unlock an achievement. This guide or list will help you figure that out faster. Check the description below to see how the achievement is unlocked. By obtaining points you’ll increase your Gamerscore associated with your Xbox Live Profile. Hey, some people call it bragging rights and others will call it good form when completing the game. It’s up to you decide if you want the extra motivation to go after these. Enjoy!

Arkham Asylum Achievement List

Big Bang (50)
Complete story mode on Easy difficulty

Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries that all started with the big bang, BANG! Oops, referred to Big Bang in the wrong context. You have two ways of going about obtaining said achievement. The first way is the silly way (if you're a natural pro); playing through and completing the game on easy mode. The second method is playing through and completing the game on hard mode. Doing so will unlock the previous two difficulty-type achievements that require you to play on a certain game mode. Refer to Biggest Bang for more information related to this achievement.

Bigger Bang (50)
Complete story mode on Normal difficulty

Ooooh wow, a Bigger Bang! Woop-dee-jiffy-popcorn-fart! Same details for the Big Bang achievement apply to this one. If you feel that hard mode has become a roadblock, then play on normal mode. Be triumphant in completing the game on normal, and you'll unlock Bigger Bang and Big Bang. Refer to Biggest Bang for more information related to this achievement.

Biggest Bang
Complete story mode on Hard difficulty

The biggest of them all. But, I didn't need to tell you that (Alberto Del Rio voice). Just because this is the Biggest Bang, doesn't necessarily mean that it's the baddest. Here are some general tips that will guide you through hard mode:

----Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge (Dodgeball movie reference). Just kidding, but Evading enemy attacks leads to no health lost.
----Perform the finishing move that requires a downed opponent. Execute this move with every chance you get, especially when you're involved in a fight consisting of 5 or more baddies.
----Counter enemy attacks when possible. Try not to do so when dealing with a fairly large group of enemies (5 or more).
----When entering a building containing 10-20 bafoons, reduce the mini army down to a small group by taking out one enemy at a time via the hit-and-run tactic.
----Upgrade your armor first, followed by batarang upgrades.You may also want to consider upgrading plastic explosives.

Party Pooper (10)
Time to break up this party

Note: Achievement is missable.

Upon defeating Poison Ivy, Joker will talk through the loud speaker (as usual). He's going to publicly announce that there's a pawty, it's yo birthday. We gonna pawty likes it's yo birthday. We gonna sip bicawdi like it's yo birthday.........My sincerest apologies. Times are currently tough for me. I had no choice but to move in with 50 Cent. He was the only one willing to take me in and provide shelter. Seriously though, Joker will announce that there's going to be a party, and you're invited. Make way to Arkham West. As you exit the passage leading to Arkham West, you'll see an entrance to a building, which is guarded by 4 bad guys. Drop every single one of them like a sack of potatoes, apples, or whatever your favorite food is, and proceed through the double doors. The room that you'll be in, then, is a narrow corridor with approximately 20 boobies (no, not the female sex pervert) greeting you as if you've gotten off of an airplane. DON'T go through the second set of double doors. Instead, watch the video below.

Hope you brought a laxative!

Freeflow Combo 20 (10)
Complete a combo of 20 moves (any play mode)

Why go for a 20-hit combo when you can go for a 40-hit combo and unlock both combo-type achievements that are affiliated with one another? Refer to Freeflow Combo 40.

Freeflow Combo 40 (10)
Complete a combo of 40 moves (any play mode)

Note: Before reading further, be sure to have the combo critical strikes upgrade and set the game difficulty level to hard. Setting the game on hard will require you to exert Batman's poor huffing and puffing on the baddies. Hence they require more hits to be taken out.

Sounds like a tall order. That's ok though, because you're Batman (not really). After doing extensive research on this achievement, the best way to obtain it is at the part where you spot 6 bad guys up ahead infront of the Intensive Treatment building. They'll be surrounding your sweet ride, but not for long! To maintain the combo, just hop from one enemy to another and hit them once or twice. This entire method mentioned will net you the Freeflow Combo 20 achievement, as well as Freeflow Combo 40. Two fo won speciawl, anywon (random chinese delivery person voice). Click on the link below for a visual demonstration.

Alright, you've reached a combo 40. Enough, enough!

Night Glider (5)
Glide continuously for over 100m

You might think that this one's even nearly impossible................until you see the video included along with this achievement's description. It's a matter of making your way to the top...........literally. I'm sorry, the very top. The higher the altitude you're at, the longer the slope and glide down are going to be.

King Kong and Superman ain't got $#@! on you!

Rope-A-Dope-A-Dope (10)
String up one henchman and drop him to surprise a second (any play mode)

This achievement's mainly about timing and precision. You shouldn't have a problem with that. After all, you're Batman (still not really Batman). You do, however, control Batman. Rope-A-Dope-A-Dope is best earned at the Facility Room, which has gargoyle statues that will be your platforms of retreat. You'll see why here:

You're such a Rodeo Clown. Hmmmmm, I like the sound of that better than "Rope-A-Dope-A-Dope."

Mano-A-Mano (10)
Take on a beast in hand to hand combat

Note: Although achievement is story-related, it can be missed. Just use what Henri Ducard gave ya, and you'll be rewarded for your valiant efforts.

Somewhere along the storyline, you'll encounter a cutscene showing Joker for a short brief moment, who is standing between two Big Shows. I suppose this is where the cliche "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" comes in. These Titans are so ginormous that you can easily determine when they're going to pound onto the ground as if they're preparing hamburger patties. It's also fairly easy to determine when they're going to charge at you. Dodging, hitting, and fleeing will be the tools for your triumph and, of course, unlocking the achievement(s). Yep, achievements! You'll earn Double Trouble as well for just dealing with the two monsters.

Titans aren't so bad, mmmmkay (Mr. Mackey voice).

Catch! (5)
Catch a Batarang (any play mode)

One of the most easiest achievements a player-operated Batman can unlock. A core necessity for obtaining Catch! is having the remote control batarang upgrade. Set this as your active weapon temporarily, and simply throw it. You have full control of the batarang's movement. Navigate the batarang back to Batman. Once he catches it, the achievement will unlock. Remember that performing all of these actions in any difficulty setting qualify for unlocking the achievement.

How it's done

Freeflow Combo 5 (5)
Complete a combo of 5 moves (any play mode)

Another easy achievement. Just execute a chain of 5 moves by utilizing one or two enemies. So easy, that even a caveman can do it! But, why stop at a 5-hit combo when you can stagger hits until you reach a 40-hit combo and unlock Freeflow Combo 20 and Freeflow Combo 40.

Freeflow Combo 10 (5)
Complete a combo of 10 moves (any play mode)

This combo-type achievement's fairly easy to obtain. A group of 5 or 6 enemies should be sufficient for you to execute a chain of 10 hits. Remember to hit an enemy once or twice, counter other enemy attacks, serve the enemy that you've countered some knuckle sandwich for a bit (one or two hits), and counter other enemy attacks again. It's a rinse and repeat process. You also have the option of waiting at a later time so that you can unlock Freeflow Combo 10, Freeflow Combo 20, and Freeflow Combo 40 simultaneously. Refer to Freeflow Combo 40 and view the video to see what I'm talkin' bout, Willis!

Freeflow Perfection (10)
Perform a perfect combo including all of Batman's combat moves (any play mode)

Now this one may require a few attempts until unlocked. Precision's essential, in this case. Also, you must perform every single combat move in a combo chain. Keep in mind that this is done by utilizing a group of enemies. Trying to execute a 9-hit combo one enemy is silly. Perform one of each combat move on different enemies, as shown in the video provided. Another important thing to note is you can execute all combat moves in any order. Personally, I recommend following what's displayed and mentioned in the video.

Perfection at it's best!

Freakshow Rodeo (10)
Ride a beast and unleash its power

As you progress through the game, you'll be in an area that's underground. A Titan will bust through a wall as if it's one of those weak glass doors infront of your very own eyes. The Titan will be accompanied by 6 bad guys. To ride the Titan (in a nonsexual manner), it must be stunned first. Then, you can climb onto it and use the Titan to your advantage by swatting off the baddies. Click on the link below to see how to stun the Titan and unlock the achievement.


Freeflow Bronze (10)
Achieve 8 medals on combat challenges

Note: To commence working on challenge-type achievements, you must first find and retrieve Riddler trophies. Riddler trophies are scattered throughout the game, and unlock challenges. Combat challenges involve straight-up fighting and a gang of bafoons. The number of gang members swells after each round. There are 3 rounds total per combat challenge, and each round is timed.

8 medals on combat challenges in total, that is.............A player can earn a maximum of 3 medals on each challenge map. The higher your score is, the more medals that you'll receive. What factors contribute to getting a high score, you may ask. While your combo meter's relatively high, perform a ground takedown whenever possible. Your total points at the time will multiply the amount of points that you'll receive from successfully landing a ground takedown move. Furthermore, not getting hit will net you bonus points. Lastly, incorporating all of Batman's combo moves will net you bonus points. Just aim for achieving the highest score possible in each of the 3 rounds, and you'll unlock Freeflow Bronze.

Challenge Map Name and Score to Beat for That Map

----Intensive Treatment - 18,000
----Sewer Bat - 18,000
----Shock and Awe - 30,000
----Rumble in the Jungle - 30,000
----Intensive Treatment (Extreme) - 30,000
----Sewer Bat (Extreme) - 50,000
----Shock and Awe (Extreme) - 30,000
----Rumble in the Jungle (Extreme) - 50,000

Freeflow Silver (25)
Achieve 16 medals on combat challenges

Everything that's mentioned under Freeflow Bronze applies towards this achievement. The only difference, here, is the number of medals to earn. Thus, you must play and complete additional challenge maps.

Challenge Map Name and Score to Beat for That Map

----Intensive Treatment - 18,000
----Sewer Bat - 18,000
----Shock and Awe - 30,000
----Rumble in the Jungle - 30,000
----Intensive Treatment (Extreme) - 30,000
----Sewer Bat (Extreme) - 50,000
----Shock and Awe (Extreme) - 30,000
----Rumble in the Jungle (Extreme) - 50,000

Freeflow Gold (50)
Achieve 24 medals on combat challenges

Note: While completing combat challenges, you can also obtain the Flawless Freeflow Fighter achievement along with the other challenge-affiliated ones. Refer to Flawless Freeflow Fighter for more information.

Everything that's mentioned under Freeflow Bronze applies towards this achievement. The only difference, here, is...........just kidding, there's no difference. There are, however, differencES. Combat challenges are going to gradually become increasingly difficult for you. We're talkin' goofballs with lead-spitting weapons and Titans. Unless you're generally a highly confident individual, or exceptionally skilled in operating Batman, you won't have as much trouble. Remember to perform a ground takedown on an enemy whenever the opportunity arises, as well as counter incoming enemy attacks.

Challenge Map Name and Score to Beat for That Map

----Intensive Treatment - 18,000
----Sewer Bat - 18,000
----Shock and Awe - 30,000
----Rumble in the Jungle - 30,000
----Intensive Treatment (Extreme) - 30,000
----Sewer Bat (Extreme) - 50,000
----Shock and Awe (Extreme) - 30,000
----Rumble in the Jungle (Extreme) - 50,000

Predator Bronze (10)
Achieve 8 medals on predator challenges

Note: To commence working on challenge-type achievements, you must first find and retrieve Riddler trophies. Riddler trophies are scattered throughout the game, and unlock challenges. The only way of earning medals for predator challenges is to take down enemies as instructed by the challenge. You can determine how the challenge wants you to take down your foes by accessing the menu where the map is.

Have you ever wanted to be that distinguishable-looking alien with dreadlocks in those Predator movies? Well, now's your chance! Just don't be disappointed when you gain control of a man wearing a black cape, black boots, and a bat mask. Nonetheless, this type of challenge can be fun in a sense where you're required to take out bad guys in a swift and sneaky fashion. Now that the premise has been set, refer to Predator Gold to see how to take down each predator challenge.

Predator Silver (25)
Achieve 16 medals on predator challenges

Please continue to proceed onward to Predator Gold to see how to get those 16 medals, and more! There will be visual aid n' everything! I promise!

Predator Gold (50)
Achieve 24 medals on predator challenges

Note: While completing predator challenges, you can also obtain the Invisible Predator achievement along with the other challenge-affiliated ones. Refer to Invisible Predator for more information.

Finally, you're here! That wasn't so difficult and...............annoying, was it? A promise is a promise. Before you continue further, keep in mind that each predator challenge requires you to successfully perform a certain move. This is the only way that you can obtain medals. Access the menu where you examine your map to review the objectives necessary for getting all 3 medals for that challenge. Earn all medals in every challenge, and you'll unlock the Predator Bronze, Silver, and Gold achievements.

Siiiiiiiiiiilent Kniiiiiiiight, hoooooly liiiiiiight.

Break that record, you record breaker you!

Survival Tactics (couldn't think of anything clever at the time for this one).

Invisible Predator (still couldn't think of anything clever).

Siiiiiiiiiiilent Kniiiiiiiight, hoooooly liiiiiiight (Extreme).

Record Breaker (Extreme).

Survival Tactics........TO THE EXTREME!

Invisible Predator (Extreme).

Invisible Predator (10)
Complete one predator challenge by using only Silent Takedowns and without being detected

As you're paving your way through the predator challenges, perform a silent takedown (drop down, sneak-up from behind, and takedown) on every single baddie in one challenge of your choosing aaaaaand I am Kazam! You shall see a pompt pop up saying that Invisible Predator is unlocked.

Flawless Freeflow Fighter (10)
Complete one combat challenge without taking damage

While you're shaking what Henri Ducard gave ya in the combat challenges, avoid getting hit. Doing so will grant you Flawless Freeflow Fighter, in addition to the 3 combat challenge achievements .The best method of obtaining this achievement is choosing Intensive Treatment. There are less bad guys here.

Crack The E Nigma (20)
Solve every riddle on the island

Solving every riddle in the game should be second on your priority list. First, you must acquire all available weapons to get to the Riddler trophies. This isn't a feat, for you naturally obtain such an arsenal of weapons as you fly through the game (saw what was done there, because you're a bat........and......bats fly.......). You don't have to wait until all weapons are unlocked and ready for use, although I think that it would be easier to do so. Collect whatever you can, wherever you can as you please. After completing the game and Batman now having every single weapon to have a batty good time with (saw what was done there again), the world of Batman: Arkham Asylum's open to you. Roam freely in accordance to the videos provided. They will show you how and where to retrieve all Riddler trophies.

Crack The E Nigma, Intensive Treatment Part 1

Crack The E Nigma, Intensive Treatment Part 2

Crack The E Nigma, Medical Facility Part 1

Crack The E Nigma, Medical Facility Part 2

Crack The E Nigma, Penitentiary Part 1

Crack The E Nigma, Penitentiary Part 2

Crack The E Nigma, Arkham East Part 1

Crack The E Nigma, Arkham East Part 2

Crack The E Nigma, Arkham West Part 1

Crack The E Nigma, Arkham West Part 2

Crack The E Nigma, Arkham North Part 1

Crack The E Nigma, Arkham North Part 2

Crack The E Nigma, Arkham Mansion Part 1

Crack The E Nigma, Arkham Mansion Part 2

Crack The E Nigma, Botanical Gardens Part 1

Crack The E Nigma, Botanical Gardens Part 2

Crack The E Nigma, Caves Part 1

Crack The E Nigma, Caves Part 2

Arkham Analyst (20)
Solve 5% of Riddler challenges

You'll become an Arkham Analyst naturally as you make progress towards the Crack The E Nigma achievement. Evidently, you'll get Arkham Analyst fairly early in the game, provided that you're watching the videos above and following them to the core.

Cryptic Investigator (20)
Solve 10% of Riddler challenges

This riddler challenge achievement will unlock fairly early as well. Only an additional 5% of already solved riddler challenges is required. Follow what the comentator says and does in the videos included under the Crack The E Nigma achievement.

Lateral Thinker (20)
Solve 25% of Riddler challenges

Okay, this is where the riddler challenge achievements take alittle longer to unlock. However, they will in due time. Referring to Crack The E Nigma is key.

Mystery Solver (20)
Solve 40% of Riddler challenges

Alright, gumshoe.................and that's it. It's all about the walkthrough videos, not the benjamins, Bruce.

Conundrum Cracker (20)
Solve 55% of Riddler challenges

What did the title of this achievement call me? I am white, but................Oh yes, the riddler challenges. Just watch the videos included in the Crack The E Nigma achievement.

Mental Athlete (20)
Solve 70% of Riddler challenges

Yes, watching those walkthrough videos can get tedious and turn you into a Mental Athlete after awhile, and by "mental athlete," I mean an athlete who's suffering mentally as a result of their brain being cooked from those videos. Hang in there, you mental athlete you. Only two more riddler challenge achievements to go, excluding this one.

Riddle Resolver (20)
Solve 85% of Riddler challenges

Three words (from here on out): Crack The E Nigma.

World's Greatest Detective (20)
Solve Arkham's biggest mystery

After collecting the final Riddler trophy, you'll hear Riddler's voice. It'll appear as though the air's holding dialogue with you. The Riddler will yap his jaw as he often does throughout the game. Eventually, he'll be captured by the police. This is where you make way to the Penitentiary in Arkham West, click on the link below, follow the video's instructions, and unlock World's Greatest Detective. I'm not gonna lie, at first, I typed World's Greatest Achievement accidentally. But, to each their own.

Finally, you're the world's greatest detective!

Perfect Knight (75)
100% Complete

The following tasks must be fulfilled to get a 100% completion, and the achievement:

----Complete the game on any difficulty level.
----Collect every single Riddler trophy, interview tape, secret map, and tablets.
----Destroy all Joker teeth.
----Earn 24 medals in total from combat challenges.
----Earn 24 medals in total from predator challenges.

Secret Achievements

Shocking Rescue (10)
Take down Zsasz in the Patient Pacification Chamber

You'll unlock this achievement very early in the game. As you work your way through the halls of the first level of the game, you'll encounter a man dressed up in a mall cop outfit and another man dressed in SWAT gear. Both of them will be standing infront of a gate that's guarded by those blue lasers. Talk to Paul Blart, the Mall Cop, to learn that Zsasz has his friend held in captivity. After the little dialogue, there's only one path that you can take; the stairs. Walk up the stairs to a platform where you can overlook what's going on below. Go into detective mode and look up. You'll notice that there are two gargoyle statues attached to both sides of the room. Target the closest one to you on either wall and latch onto it. From here, latch onto the gargoyle statue next to the one you were on. Now, focus directly on the lower level and target Zsasz to gain the option of performing a glide kick on him. Once you do that, immediately perform the takedown move on Zsasz. The achievement will unlock upon doing so.

Leave No Man Behind (10)
Rescue the guards and henchman from the Joker toxin in Decontamination

Note:Although this achievement can be unlocked as the storyline's followed, it's missable.

Soon after you rescue Paul Blart's friend from Zsasz's grasp, you'll come across the decontamination room which is clouded with Joker toxin. There will be a few guards on the upper level of the room who are counting on you to save them. This task is actually timed. After all, the guards can't linger around in a room full of hazardous chemicals! To get inside the decontamination room, look up and latch onto the edge of the opening in the ceiling.

Save them, Spiderman...........I mean, Batman!

Malpractice Needs More Practice (10)
Survive the onslaught from the deformed Joker henchman

You'll have this achievement in the bag as you pave your way to completing the game. Upon meeting the Joker face-to-face for the second time (he'll be standing tall ontop of some kind of ginormous mechanism entangled in giant chains), he will release a Titan .Titans are so slow, that you can easily predict whether they're going to charge at you or hurl an inanimate object in your direction. As it's about to begin charging at you, throw a batarang at the Titan's head to stun it. Once it's done charging and is stunned, unload as many attacks as possible on the Titant. It's a rinse and repeat process. As soon as the Titan falls, Malpractice Needs More Practice is yours.

Born Free (10)
Escape from Intensive Treatment to the island surface

This one's impossible to miss. You'll naturally make your way out of the bowels of Intensive Treatment as you knock the senses out of Joker's bafoons and solve a riddle (portrait),

Just What The Doctors Ordered (10)
Save all the doctors in Medical

Although this achievement's impossible to miss as well, it's best that you have the remote controlled batarang purchased by now. As for explosive gel, you should've obtained that earlier when in Intensive Treatment. To summarize the video, the first doctor is strapped to a chair with a device on his head that goes off when triggered. Saw movies, much? The second doctor, and a mall cop, are trapped inside a control room that's within a large room filled with Joker toxin. Use your handy dandy batarang to touch the switches. This will activate the vents and rid the room of the toxin. The last doctor is, well.........just watch the video Bruce!

Go get 'em tiger...........I mean, batty.

Daydreamer (10)
Survive the nightmare of the Scarecrow's fear gas

Surviving the acid trip that Scarecrow puts you in is mandatory. Since it's part of the storyline, you can't proceed further until you escape the illusion he has so conveniently innovated for Batman. You'll know when you're in an illusion after opening all 3 body bags and turning around upon opening the middle one. The obstacle is fairly straightforward. Whatever you do, don't look into the orange light!

American Gladiators: Daydreamer

Baneful Payback (25)
Defeat Bane

You have no choice but to defeat Bane, for such a task is aligned directly with the story. Sure, Bane may appear to be taller, bigger, and stronger than the Titan you faced for the Mano-A-Mano achievement. However, the same strategies that you used to defeat that Titan are just as effective on Bane; batarang his head right after he commences charging, dodge the charge, and unload a couple of hits on him. The only difference between Bane and the Titan is after deploying a couple of attacks on Bane, you must climb ontop of him to gradually cut off all steroid infusion tubes. It's a rinse and repeat process. You'll eventually unlock Baneful Payback, sport!

Breaking and Entering (10)
Gain access to Arkham Mansion after it is locked down by the Joker

Before even thinking about entering the mansion, two bafoons that will be standing on a platform above the main entrance must be dealt with, since they have guns n' all. Use your Batman rope thingy majiggy to latch onto the edge of the platform. Next, get your Tom Cruise on! As soon as one bafoon's close enough to you, grab them by their leg and toss the goofball off of the platform. To take care of the second one, pull yourself up onto the platform and perform a sneaky takedown on them. Once that's done, focus on the building itself. Have Batman look straight towards the wall, and move his perspective upward until you see a vent. Use your batclaw on the vent to pull the cover off, and I'm confident that you know the rest.

Recurring Nightmare (10)
Face your biggest fears and keep your sanity

Aka "Acid Trip #2." Think of Recurring Nightmare as Daydreamer's most favorite relative. The obstacle course that you must reach the finish line for in Recurring Nightmare abides by the same concepts as that of Daydreamer's. The only difference is there's some fighting involved in this one. The baddies that you'll face shouldn't be much of a concern. They're only animated skeletons. Click on the link below to see what this story-related achievement entails.

Here we go again!

Zsasz Cut Down To Size (10)
Save Dr. Young from being killed by Victor Zsasz

And by "here we go again," I was also referring to this achievement. You recall Zsasz, don't you.............that crazed fellow who captured and held the mall cop's friend near the beginning of the game in Intensive Treatment? You'll tango with Zsasz again somewhere along the storyline. Now, he's grown tired of hotdogs and adds cake to the menu! Zsasz will capture Dr. Young and take her to another room. Once the in-game cutscene comes to a closure, hug the wall near the entrance to the room where Zsasz and the damsel in distress is. Rescue her (and unlock the achievement) by locking onto him with a regular batarang and throwing it. Keep in mind that all of this must be done while taking cover.

Dieeeeeee, you $#@!%&

Solitary Confinement (25)
Capture and lock up Harley Quinn

Ah yes, Harley Quinn, the Joker wanna-be and one who purposely wanted to name themselves in a manner where it would play-on-words. I was under the impression that "Harley" is a male name. Anyway, you'll receive the opportunity to put your hands on her. First, you must avoid getting zapped by any of the three platforms which are operated by no other than Harley Davidson..........I mean.........Harley Quinn. While avoid getting baZINGa'ed, a bunch of goofballs will randomly appear out of thin air and attempt to inferfere in your business with getting that achievement. You'll know which platform to avoid standing on when it flickers.

Hop, you bat, hop!

Double Trouble (25)
Defeat two Titan Henchmen at once

As you confront Joker, yet end up chasing him multiple times (what else is new), there'll be a certain point in the storyline where he stands between two brutes by default. Apparently, Joker wants to crush you into little bacon bits. He will shoot both henchmen with a steroid-filled dart, resulting in the henchmen growing even taller, bigger, and stronger. Thus, the method of how Titans are born is revealed to you. Upon the cutscene ending, one Titan is more than likely to not give you a breather and go in for a charge. Just apply the strategies that you utilized for Mano-A-Mano.

Resist The Fear (50)
Conquer the effects of the Scarecrow's fear gas

The last of the acid trips. From your second one (Recurring Nightmare) til' now, nothing has changed, except perhaps the length of this one's obstacle course.


Crocodile Tears (50)
Venture into Killer Croc's lair and come out alive

This is a story-related achievement, so don't panic if you're devoured by Killer Croc. There will be a moment in the game where you're required to wander off in Killer Croc's homey underground quarters to collect an object. The video provided in the achievement's description will show you the way. Just be sure to ready your batarang whilst remaining in lock-on mode. This is to prepare you for when Croc charges at you.

Not so tough are ya, Croc!

Poisoned Ivy (50)
Defeat the giant Titan Ivy plant

Yet another story-related boss that you'll encounter through your quest on finding Joker. Ivy may have an abnormally huge plant at her disposal. But, there's one that she doesn't have; a batarang! The batarang is the only thing that can deal damange to the plant. The battle is composed of two segments. The first segment involves Ivy summoning bad guys. After you take care of them, Ivy will spew glowing orbs out of the plant's antennae, which are located slightly above the head of the plant. Dodge the glowing orbs until there's a slight delay in Ivy's attack. This is where you throw that handy dandy batarang of yours at the center of the head to damage Ivy herself. The entire fight is one of those rinse and repeat process gigs.

You're a plant? Well........I'M A BAT!
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