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Jun 24, 2012
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Below you can find the all the achievements you can earn in Batman: Arkham City, including the DLC achievements for the Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing Bundle Packs as well as Harley Quinn's Revenge. You get points for completing specific game tasks or by simply completing levels. There really are a number of ways you can unlock an achievement. This guide or list will help you figure that out faster. Check the description below to see how the achievement is unlocked. By obtaining points you’ll increase your Gamerscore associated with your Xbox Live Profile. Hey, some people call it bragging rights and others will call it good form when completing the game. It’s up to you decide if you want the extra motivation to go after these. Enjoy!

Arkham City Achievement List

I'm Batman (10)
Become the Bat

If not the only easiest, then I'm Batman is one of the few easiest achievements you'll unlock out of the extensive bunch. This achievement involves you completing a tutorial. A piece of cargo dropping out of a passing jet and landing on the rooftop of the building serves as a sign that the tutorial's almost complete. Climb up the ladder, approach the cargo, and put on that outfit! The achievement will unlock once you do so.

Acid Bath (10)
Save the damsel, but is she in distress?

Note: Achievement is story-based. Therefore, it can't be missed.

Sometime soon in the game, you'll enter a warehouse. Catwoman hanging upside down above a tub saturated with dark green liquid and Two-Face standing on a platform nearby should all be visible to you upon entering the premises. Before proceeding further, a gang of dunces will attempt to obstruct you. Take care of them, and a cutscene will follow afterwards. As soon as the cutscene comes to a finish, the achievement will unlock.

Savior (10)
Save the medical volunteers

Soon after you rescue Catwoman, you'll eventually arrive at an enormous cathedral-like structure. Or, maybe it's actually a cathedral. Upon entering this..........building, you'll be welcomed by three gunmen. You'll be prompted to press a button to deploy a smoke grenade to mask the bullets the gunmen will fire at you. Batman will automatically latch onto a gargoyle statue, climb up onto it, and do what he does best; lurk into the shadows and come out striking. From this point forward, Batman will speak aloud to himself. However, everything that Batman's going to say is also directed to you. His words will serve as instructions on what to do to rescue the hostages.

Saving the medical volunteers, the cool way.

Chimney Sweep (10)
There is only one way in

Note: Achievement is story-based. Therefore, it can't be missed.

After freeing those brilliant, yet defenseless medical peeps from captivity, you'll soon find yourself settled on a railing ontop of a building. Observe your compass, which is displayed at the top of screen. There will be some sort of green icon marked on your compass. Have Batman's perspective aligned with this green icon, You should be looking at an extremely tall cylinder-like structure which I've always thought lookS like a ginormous cigarette as a youngster. You'll gain the ability to latch onto the edge of this structure. Do so, and watch a cool little cutscene. Once you regain control of Batman, fly over to the only place that's navigable. The path to unlocking Chimney Sweep is fairly straightforward.

Chim chimney, chim chimney, chim chim chiree........

One-Armed Bandit (10)
Hammer the point home

Note: Achievement is story-based. Therefore, it can't be missed.

As you're hunting down Joker and his lover who holds a male's name, Harley, you'll eventually be led into a warehouse-like building. Apparently, this is Joker's home. There will be a large electromagnetic device sitting conveniently out in the open, ontop of a pedestal. Have Batman look directly at the device to receive a prompt to use his electrical charge gun. Shoot the device repeatedly until it attracts the giant hook. Thus, the overlook on your right will be damaged and leave an opening where Batman can latch onto the edge of. As you pull yourself up, a tall steroid-infused man with clown make-up, one arm, and a hammer that compliments his physique, will "this is Sparta" kick you in the face. A group of henchmen will appear out of nowhere and accompany the clown, who was born near a nuclear powerplant. After the slightly intimidating cutscene comes to a close, go to work on the henchmen whilst avoiding clown-face. It's vital to keep in mind that the hammer's quite long. Once the henchmen are put to sleep, use your electrical charge gun on the beefcake whilst maintaining a good distance from him. Continue shooting electrical charges at clownface until you're prompted to press a button to unload a Marvel vs. Capcom-like combo. The achievement will unlock within 5 to 7 seconds from the time clownface falls.

Communication Breakdown (10)
Clear the airwaves

Note: Achievement is story-based. Therefore, it can't be missed.

Oddly enough, you'll be tasked with saving Mr. Freeze from being held in Penguin's grasp. Before working your way towards fulfilling this mission, you must destroy three (3) communications disruptors. The first two (2) are on the rooftops. The last one can be found in the subway. Going into detective mode may be easier to spot the first two communications disruptors; they'll be marked in orange. Carrying out this part of the entire mission may not be as easy as it seems. There will be henchmen patroling the rooftops. Here's some visual aid:

Break it down now!

Gladiator (10)
Last man standing

Note: Achievement is story-based. Therefore, it can't be missed.

After rescuing Mr. Freeze and confronting Penguin for the first time, you'll be entrapped in some sort of arena with a hint of goth. Your wits are tested to great lengths immediately upon the cutscene ending. Make minced meat out of the mini army of henchmen, and be rewarded with a fight against a Titan. The game will prompt you to stun it, followed by a delivery of a chain of hits. After hitting the Titan multiple times, you'll saddle it as though it's a horse. Another mini army of henchmen will appear out of nowhere and approach you. Whip up some mashed potatoes using these dudes, stun the Titan, unload multiple hits on it again, and Batman will automatically knock the Titan out. The achievement will unlock within 5 to 7 seconds from the moment the Titan falls.

Wrecking Ball (25)
Stop the unstoppable

Note: Achievement is story-based. Therefore, it can't be missed.

Just when you thought that Penguin wasn't much of a concern to you, he has Solomon Grundy up his sleeve. For those of you who have never heard of Solomon Grundy, he holds a gym membership with the same gym that Killer Croc goes to. After their workout sessions, they consume varios growth hormones in unison. Grundy will be equipped with two lengthy chains, each having a fairly large metal ball attached to the end. It's all a matter of executing the dodge maneuver and waiting until Grundy takes a kneel and gasps for air. Penguin's all that remains after finally being done with Grundy. Dodge the puny missles that emit from his puny weapon and end puny Penguin with a chain of hits. You'll obtain the achievement within approximately 5 seconds form the time Penguin's put down.

Unstoppable, you say.

Lost And Found (10)
Uncover the secret of Arkham City

Note: Achievement is story-based. Therefore, it can't be missed. Also, remember to use your electrical charge gun on the electricity-operated floor switches. They are directly infront of the large metal doors.

Sometime after you surpass Penguin, you'll find yourself in the depths of the city. No, Master Splinter and the turtles won't be there. Straight ahead, there will be a a large metal door containing the words "Welcome To Wonder City." This place may not seem so bad after all...........until you enter the third room where three (3) female assassins make an entrance that of the typical ninja. These biznatches aren't to be underestimated...........I mean......they have swords. That's quite alright though, because you know kung pow weeny! While engaging these worthy opponents, you'll be prompted to perform a certain dodge to avoid getting sliced. This maneuver, regularly dodging, and attacking when possible are key. After those three hamsters are dealt with, go into detective mode to find a breakable object on the floor. Destroy the obstruction with explosive gel and proceed towards the large door with the glowing sky blue light. The achievement will unlock right before the cutscene commences.

Sand Storm (25)
We are legion

Note: Achievement is story-based. Therefore, it can't be missed.

This is where you have the opportunity to face Ra's Al Gul. Of course, getting to him won't be that simple. You'll eventually be forced to drink a mysterious liquid from a chalice that's sitting ontop of a small pedestal before you. Upon finishing the drink, the Demon Trials begin. The Demon Trials is mostly about following a blue transparent current and defeating Ra's Al Gul's henchmen along the way. Refer to the link for visual aid on how to complete the prerequisite for reaching Ra's Al Gul. Once you go through the Demon Trials, Ra's Al Gul finally reveals himself. Thus, the boss battle begins here.............after the cutscene. Somewhere at the start of the fight, Ra's Al Gul will create an illusion consisting of about five (5) other clones of himself. Treat each one as the female assassins you confronted earlier. As you get deeper into the battle, Ra's Al Gul will transform into a giant sandy version of himself and merge with the sand to the center. His attacks, at this point, will be fairly easy to avoid. Dodging and attacking when possible is the strategy here throughout the duration of the battle.

Legion my sweety patutty!

Hide And Seek (25)
A deadly game of hide and seek

Note: Achievement is story-based. Therefore, it can't be missed. You can also unlock Ring Ring as well prior to encountering Freeze:

Insert Katy Perry's "Call Me Maybe" innovative chorus lyric here

WARNING! The link provided in this achievement description contains vulgar language.

When there's Ra's Al Gul, there's...........Mr. Freeze. You'll get to kick some ice (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) upon entering a spacious laboratory and watching a cutscene. A boss confrontation in a next gen Batman game being absent of a cutscene would be ludicrous. This particular boss battle won't be similar to the others. To successfully land an attack on Freeze, you must not be seen by him. Whichever way you go about in attacking the popsicle stand will be void; you won't be able to attack in the same manner again throughout the remainder of the fight. Each successful attack will deduct a quarter of Mr. Freeze's health meter. Attack him four (4) times in total and the achievement will unlock practically right away after being victorious.

Not so much deadly, unless you're out in the open.

Ghost Train (25)
Fight for survival

Note: Achievement is story-based. Therefore, it can't be missed.

The fight with Mr. Freeze will be followed by, the one and only, Joker. After the cutscene, an in-game cutscene will follow. Be prepared to operate Batman and advance towards Joker. The fight with Joker will be short-lived. Just be like white on rice on him. Joker will soon throw in the towel.............for himself. Unsurprisingly enough, he will call in a fairly large gang of henchmen. A Titan and clownface (the one-armed beefcake with the herculean hammer) will join the fray as you gradually reduce Joker's ranks. Additional henchmen will accompany them. Try and focus mostly on the Titan. Remember to first stun it, then unload enough hits until you're able to saddle the Titan. Then, you can utilize the Titan to attack clownface and the henchmen. Joker will return to the battle when it's down to just the Titan and beefcake. Continue to be attentive towards the Titan, in regards to using it to your advantage. Once the Titan throws you off, focus on removing it from the battle. Next, take care of Mr. handicapable, and then Joker. The achievement will unlock in approximately 6 seconds from the start of the cutscene that will follow Joker's defeat. That's all there's to it.....................

Freefall (25)
Don't look down

Note: Achievement is story-based. Therefore, it can't be missed.

Don't look down indeed, knowing how you'll find yourself inside the topmost part of a tower as you advance further into the story. The voice that you'll be hearing in the room's loudspeaker is that of Hugo Strange, the guy to get to. Obviously, you'll first have to deal with some henchmen. They'll be equipped with guns and scattered throughout the room. Patience and taking out one henchman at a time will buy you a ticket to meeting Strange face-to-face. Oh yeah, the small room that Strange is concealed in..........Select the cryptographic sequencer and aim it towards the red lock symbol by where Strange is. Gain entry and get your batty hands on the lengthy cutscene. You'll regain control of Batman right after the cutscene ends, as well as unlock the achievement.

Exit Stage Right (50)
All the world is a stage

Before thinking about future boss battles, your top concern should be taking out snipers that are positioned all over the open world area. The link at the end of this achievement description will reveal their locations, as well as the methods in removing them from the picture. This is it..........the finale! Despite Joker standing idly throughout the remainder of the game, the boss that's involved here is Clayface. The fight between you and him..........or it, will be divided into two segments. The first segment will require you to, of course, execute the regular dodge maneuver and project ice blasts at Clayface. Ice blasts are the only things that Clayface is vulnerable to. As for his attacks, the bowling ball is fairly easy to evade. A blue spiked ray over Clayface's head will indicate that it's hammer time (yep, I went there). The last attack type which he stores up his sleeve is a sweep attack. This one covers a very wide area, yet can still be avoided by rolling directly over the attack. You can see what the second part of the battle is like by clicking on the link at the end of this achievement description. After Clayface is finally dealt with, the achievement will unlock for your valiant efforts.

Snipers and cutscene galore!

Forensic Expert (10)
Collect enough evidence to locate the gun for hire

This very achievement is actually affiliated with Contract Terminated. Refer to that achievement to see how it's linked with Forensic Expert.

Contract Terminated (25)
Stop the contract operative

Side-missions will become available to you as progress is made towards completing the story. They're marked by an exclamation point on your map. Refer to your map periodically to be on a lookout for side-missions. The side-mission which will net you two achievements (always gladly accepted) is "Deadshot," which is also the name of the person you're going to be tracking down. To help set the premise alittle bit, Deadshot is a contract killer. Travel to the place that's marked on the map as shown in the video provided and talk to the first upcoming victim of Deadshot's bullet. After Deadshot does his thing, Batman will imply that you should scan the area for any clues that will help lead you to the culprit. In a nutshell, you'll be led to two more victims, each containing clues by courtesy of Deadshot. Forensic Expert will unlock within 20-40 seconds upon investigating the last crime scene and picking up the clue where Deadshot melted the ice. At this point, a certain area on your map will be glowing. Make way to this area to discover Deadshot's setup of weaponry, which is encrypted apparently. Equip your cryptographic sequencer and target Deadshot's stash to trigger an in-game cutscene. Travel to the spot that's marked on your map to save Ryder from being killed and confront Deadshot. Deadshot's fairly easy to take out as demonstrated below.

Shoot this, Deadshot!

Serial Killer (25)
Track down the serial killer

The side-mission that you must complete for this achievement is called "Identity Thief." It will become available and be marked on your map in the location that the video provided reveals to you. The unique individual that you'll be dealing with here is implied in the title of the mission. The mission commences when you travel to the location that's shown in the video and investigate the crime scene. You'll be sniffing around a few more dead bodies who fell victim to the unknown killer's hands and two (2) live ones. The people who you'll actually communicate with (no necromancy required) will provide you with resourceful information that will guide you to the unidentified murderer. The inmate will tell you where to find this serial killer. Enter his sanctuary and proceed alittle bit until you see a table on the right side of the little hallway. There will be a recording device sitting ontop of the table. Listen to it, sit back, and enjoy the 3 minute cutscene. After the cutscene ends, equip the cryptographic sequencer and target the little terminal by the baby crib. It's nearly impossible to miss. There will be a lock symbol on it. The achievement will unlock within 30-40 seconds from the time you escape the killer's welcoming home.

Make Carmen Sandiego proud

Mystery Stalker (15)
Reveal the mystery watcher

Note: Achievement isn't missable. Additionally, you can obtain the Catch achievement while going for Mystery Stalker.

For some out-of-this-world reason, a seemingly foreign individual has been watching you. Thus, you'll have to complete the "Watcher in the Wings" side-mission to unlock Mystery Stalker. This being is first found across from a ferris wheel, as revealed in the video provided. As soon as you approach the creepo, he will say one line and vanish to a different location in the entire city. Not to worry, because the link at the end of this achievement description will reveal those to you as well. You'll have to locate the weirdo three (3) more times. His second location is the rooftop of a building that's directly across from the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. Throw a remote controlled batarang at the stalker and he'll automatically catch it, granting you the Catch achievement. Some sort of symbol will be left behind on the floor where the stalker stood. Scan the symbol by going into detective mode. After you encounter the stalker for the last time, four cogs of different size will begin to merge together, yet they remain separate. Align the cogs in the same fashion as shown in the video provided, and travel to the building the video instructs you to go to. Bah, I'd provide more details on what will occur soon after, but I wish to not spoil anything. Click on the link below!

You're such a stalker

Distress Flare (5)
Answer the call for help

As per the link at the end of this achievement's description, travel to the location shown in the video. Crash the party infront of the double doors on the rooftop, and enter. A cutscene will follow. The achievement will unlock within 10-20 seconds from the time the cutscene ends.

Believe it or not, you'll be helping this guy.

Broken Toys (25)
Destroy it all

As soon as you and Bane are done holding dialogue, exit the room via the double doors that you originally went through to get to him. You now have a new objective; destroying 3 titan containers. You'll find yourself back on the rooftop where you made minced meat out of those bafoons. Open your map. There should be three light skyblue circles, each enveloping a cube icon. These symbols will serve as markers as to where the titan containers are. The titan containers can only be destroyed by explosive gel. Need I say more? Refer to the link below for visual aid on unlocking Broken Toys.

Destroy them.........EVERYTHING (King Leonidas voice)!

Ring Ring (5)
Answer a ringing phone

This achievement can be earned earlier in the game, as opposed to having to wait until you get up to the next one. Refer to Hide And Seek for more information.

Dial Z For Murder (25)
Stop the phone booth killer

You've dealt with a surgeon who happened to be an old friend of yours.........well, former old friend. He successfully satisfied his plot to mimic your facial appearance and steal your identity, thanks to the help of six (6) innocent lives. From there, a mysterious figure pranced around the city whilst saying how they've been watching you the entire time. Now, another type of killer is on the loose. If you've played Batman: Arkham Asylum, then this............unique character should be familiar to you.
The side-mission involving said individual will commence once you answer a phone that will randomly ring. The second call will sound off randomly as well, and the third. You must trace the last two calls by use of the left thumbstick. How else are ya going to find the one that's behind these random, awkward, intimidating calls? Don't concern yourself with time; the psycho will yap their jaw as you trace the calls. Once you successfully trace the call, the location as to where the killer's calling from will be unraveled on your map. Make way to their hideout and finally deal with them. Standing toe-to-toe with him won't be necessary.

So much for the phone booths

Stop the Clock (15)
Time is running out

Upon taking care of Mr. Freeze, you'll receive a call that notifies you of a package drop in the northwestern sector of the city. Refer to your map and observe the exclamation mark icon. Travel to the exclamation mark icon. You'll find yourself on a rooftop. Ahead will lie a canister. Approach the canister and press the button in accordance to the prompt. Batman will take what was inside the canister and shoot-up. You'll soon discover that this whole thing was a setup. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the hallucination that you were led into by kicking the cotton out of those half-human and half-rabbit creatures. While you're cotton-mouthing the half-breeds, Mad Hatter himself will appear for a certain duration of time. Hit him as soon as possible. Do this two more times, and he will appear. However, he won't vanish like a coward as he did previously. Deal with the remainder of Mad Hatter's minions and approach the Mad Hatter to knock him into the next world.............our world. The achievement will unlock soon after you escape the hallucination and arrive back at Arkham City.

You'll never look at Easter the same way

Bargaining Chip (15)
Reunite the separated couple

Sometime after you deliver a chill pill to Mr. Freeze (clever, huh), he will request something of you. find and retrieve his wife. Refer to your map. There will be a stick figure icon in the central eastern part of the city. Try and use the Joker's Funland building as a marker. Approach the building next to it with the large double doors that are bordered with lights. One of Joker's fools will respond to your knocking and make it evident that something's going down within the building. The video provided will guide you to gaining entry in there. Eventually, you'll spring up from the vent to deal with some baddies. Once they're taken care of, go into detective mode to discover Mr. Freeze's wife being held in David Blaine's contraption. Equip the cryptographic sequencer to unlock the two front doors that were previously locked. Walk through the double doors and make your way back to Mr. Freeze to report fortunate news of his wife. The achievement will unlock in a matter of seconds after Mr. Freeze thanks you.

2:05 to 2:30 is saturated with coolness........just saying.

AR Knight (25)
Complete all augmented reality training exercises

Augmented reality training exercises are part of a side-mission known as "A.R. Training." The first four (4) will unlock relatively early in the game. Refer to your map periodically and keep an eye out for them. As you hover over the W icons, it'll help you indicate whether it's a side-mission for the training exercises. Additionally, the training exercises number will appear in parentheses out of four (4), since four (4) will be available to you as one set. The second and last set will be available to you eventually. Remember to refer to your map periodically as you progress through the game. It's best to complete the first four training exercises as soon as possible. Doing so will reward you with an upgrade which may prove to be useful for the coming training exercises.

I wanna flyyyyyy like an eagle.........I mean........bat.

Fully Loaded (10)
Collect all of Batman's gadgets and upgrades

To upgrade Batman's entire arsenal of weaponry, experience points are required. Here are a few ways of earning experience points efficiently:

----Collect riddler trophies
----Complete side-missions
----Defeat every single baddie along the storyline

The Disrupter upgrade can be obtained by completing Remote Hideaway, which is a side-mission. The Freeze Cluster can be obtained through a side-mission as well, Hot and Cold. Aside from the gizmos and gadgets n' things, you must also upgrade Batman's outfit. The upgrade that you received from completing the first four (4) training exercises is accredited towards this achievement as well.

Aggravated Assault (10)
Stop all assaults in Arkham City

As you flap your artificial bat wings and soar up in the heights of the city throughout the game, you may hear a defenseless individual being taken advantage of by another. Do what Batman does best; crash the party, take out the trash, and ensure people's safety wherever deserved. There are 16 assault scenes in total, including the one you may've resolved. The link below will lead you to a video revealing the location of each assault.

It's time for Arkham to get the hero it needs, not the hero it thinks it deserves, but the hero that it thinks which we think it needs.

IQ Test (10)
Solve the first riddle

Upon leaving the Steel Mill, visit the church which serves as a medical center. This is where you'll first encounter Riddler. Advance forward and you'll come across a projector screen showing him. He'll be talking aloud as well. Pretend that he's not speaking until Riddler provides you with a clue for the sake of preserving innocent lives. You can walk towards the organ and get yourself set-up while Riddler yaps his jaw. Enter detective mode and scan the organ to solve the riddle, as well as unlock the achievement.

Conundrum (20)
Rescue the first hostage from Riddler

Upon solving the first riddle to obtain IQ Test, Riddler will inform you that the first hostage is being held in the courthouse. Go to Solomon Wayne Courthouse immediately and enter the building. Walk along the hallway until you come to double doors. Crouch upon entering the room to avoid detection. Make your way to the back of the room while crouching. If you look up, then you'll see an opportunity to latch onto something so you can strike from above. Your foes won't know what hit 'em! There will be one foe who you'll have a short and brief dialogue with. Once everyone's removed from the picture, approach the man who's tied to a chair. An in-game cutscene will follow soon after you free him. You'll be prompted to use the cryptographic sequencer to locate the signal of Riddler's broadcoast. As part of the in-game cutscene, you'll receive some kind of puzzle box. Batman will automatically solve it, as part of the in-game cutscene. Once the in-game cutscene ends, you'll be required to solve another puzzle. This one will involve two wheels. The legs of both wheels contain words. Use the left thumbstick to rotate the left wheel and right thumbstick to rotate the right wheel in a manner where the word "secret" is formed. After this puzzle's solved, your map will mark a location with a question mark icon. Refer to the video provided if you somehow have trouble determining where you must go next. Be a gentleman and knock on the brick wall with the huge question mark on it.............and break through the wall. Proceed forward to be welcomed by Riddler with his holographic self once again. As usual, he has another puzzle for you to navigate through. The actual hostage which you need to rescue for the achievement will be in the next room. Refer to the video provided to see how to save them. Conundrum will unlock upon the in-game cutscene ending.

There's nothing to it.............

Mastermind (20)
Rescue the second hostage from Riddler

Note: To rescue the second hostage (technically third), you must first collect a sufficient amount of Riddler trophies. We're talking 80 here. Not to worry, because these videos will show you the location of every single one in their respective areas:

Amusement Mile Riddler trophies locations

Bowery Riddler trophies locations

Industrial District Riddler trophies locations

Museum Riddler trophies locations

Park Row Riddler trophies locations

Steel Mill Riddler trophies locations

Subway Riddler trophies locations

Wonder City Riddler trophies locations

You should have access to all of these areas by now. Furthermore, you might as well collect every single Riddler trophy that there is in the game now. This is to prevent having to venture off again and collect the amount of Riddler trophies required to rescue all of the other hostages. Once you retrieve enough Riddler trophies, activate the Enigma machine to access a clue as to where the next hostage is. The answer to this riddle is "darkness." Do what you did previously to form the word, and refer to your map. There will be a circle encasing a question mark. This is where the next hostage is. Travel to where the icon is, knocky knocky, and boom goes Batman through the wall! Proceed through the door and you'll arrive in a room that has a slight theatrical look. Position Batman on the small green circular platform and the curtains will open up to reveal the hostage. Riddler will open the ole jaw. As soon as he says "keep your eyes on the prize," go into detective mode and focus on the hostage. Lock onto the question mark that resembles whichever door the hostage is in, and throw a batarang at it. Fly over to the ledge infront of you and approach the hostage to free them from the doctor chair. They will thank you and pass on a code which Riddler gave to them to give to you. Batman will automatically pull out his handy dandy gadget. Tune in the station via the code you were given, just to hear Riddler's voice...........again. The achievement will unlock soon after.

This one's actually a piece of cake

Puzzler (30)
Rescue the third hostage from Riddler

Note: To rescue the third hostage (technically fourth), you must have 160 Riddler trophies under your belt.

Whip out the Enigma machine to hear the riddle to determine the location of the next hostage. The answer to this one is "penny." Observe your map to see where the question mark icon is and travel to it. Make Superman proud by busting through the wall with the big green question mark and walk through the door ahead. Watch the mini in-game cutscene to see where the hostage is exactly. Equip your line launcher, aim at the platform ahead, and watch the video below!

Finally, a lady hostage.........who leads you on into thinking that she forgot the code.

Intellectual (30)
Rescue the fourth hostage from Riddler

Note: Time to get a bigger belt, because you must have 240 Riddler trophies under your belt to rescue the fourth hostage (technically fifth).

Take out the ole Enigma machine for your next riddle. "Shadow" will be the correct answer. Open up the map of the city, lookout for the question mark icon, travel to the spot that's marked on the map, Hulk-smash through the wall, and walk through the door. Walk through another door that's straight ahead in the room, and you'll be in a room where it's sweeped back and forth by a boulder attached with rotating spikes. Lets not leave out the literally electrifying floor. The very short in-game cutscene will reveal the hostage to you and their status. Don't worry about them too much, they're just............hanging around. Hahahah.......hahah.......ha........Anyway, turn around counterclockwise. You'll see a security terminal on the wall. Equip the cryptographic sequencer and target the little computer to not stop the contraption, but proceed further. The link at the end of this achievement's description will lead you to a video that shows how to go about in maneuvering around the room and, of course, unlock the achievement.

Fourth one down, one more to go.

Brainteaser (40)
Rescue the fifth hostage from Riddler

Note: You may want to call Alfred and have him assist you with storing all of these Riddler trophies, because now you need 320 of them to have the location of the fifth hostage (technically sixth) displayed on your map.

Enigma machine>>>>>"Mirror">>>>>observe map for question mark icon>>>>>travel to the exact spot as to where the icon is>>>>>Superman-punch the wall containing the big green question mark>>>>>walk through door>>>>>watch video below. Keep in mind that when zip-lining and having to make a turn, nearly perfect timing is required to successfully make that turn. After you save the hostage,

This puzzle room is lengthier than the others, yet won't be no thing but a chicken wing.[/URL]

Genius (50)
Rescue all the hostages from Riddler

Note: You'll need a whopping 400 Riddler trophies to save the remaining hostages. Although I found Jim Carrey's performance as Riddler in "Batman Forever" to be astonishing and the highlight of the entire movie, the character himself is beginning to tick me off............and I'm not even the one who's hunting down these achievements! If you happen to have the Catwoman DLC pack, then earn some Riddler trophies there when necessary. Those also are accredited towards your overall Riddler trophy count.

After rescuing the previous hostage for the Brainteaser achievement, walking through the door near them, and exiting the building through the second door, Oracle will contact you eventually. This time, Riddler didn't provide the hostage with a code that resembles Riddler's broadcast station. It's cool, because the moment Oracle contacts you is when that question mark icon will appear on your map, indicating the location of Riddler's hideout. This is also where he's keeping the remaining hostages. The video provided will show you how to bypass the electrical fence. Proceed through the door on your left to discover that the door in the next room has a bundle of dynamite attached to it and the hostages have dynamite attached to them as well (go into detective mode to see). It's evident that you don't take the door. Instead, look right and up to latch onto the platform there. Take the vent to be led to the hostages. You'll end up in a maze, along with the hostages. The key is to follow certain ones whilst keeping an adequate distance. If you get too close to the hostage, then yeah............The video below will guide you through the maze. Try to go into detective mode to get an idea on how close you are to Riddler himself. Once you are, press the button that will appear on the screen to take him down once and for all!


Bronze Revenge (10)
Obtain 24 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps (as Batman)

If you've played Batman: Arkham Asylum, then you should already be familiar with challenges. What's a Batman game without challenges? The combat and predator challenges are incorporated once again. They both behave the same way as displayed in the previous Batman game. The only exception is Arkham City has even more combat and predator challenges available. There are 24 maps in total, which are divided amongst combat and predator challenges. This includes:

----6 normal maps for combat, 6 extreme maps for combat.
----6 normal maps for predator, 6 extreme maps for predator.

Combat challenges and predator challenges follow the same concept as they do in Arkham City's predecessor; simply brawl it out with a group of enemies or cunningly take them out one by one. Each map contains a total of three (3) medals similarly to the maps in Arkham Asylum. Obtain one (1) medal for each map to unlock Bronze Revenge. Obtain two (2) medals for each map and you'll unlock Silver Revenge as well! Refer to Gold Revenge for more information regarding the combat and predator challenges, as well as see how both achievements are tied to one another.

Silver Revenge (20)
Obtain 48 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps (as Batman)

This achievement behaves in the same fashion as Bronze Revenge, except you're required to obtain 48 medals in total across combat and predator challenges. Refer to Gold Revenge for more information regarding the combat and predator challenges, as well as see how both achievements are tied to one another.

Gold Revenge (40}
Obtain all 72 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps (as Batman)

Note: To unlock challenges, you must collect Riddler trophies. If you've been following this achievement guide to the core, then you should have all challenges unlocked by now.

The task in earning 72 medals altogether may seem to be a bit intimidating. What may make this achievement appear to be even more intimidating is the method on how to earn 72 medals. Provided that you've played Arkham Asylum thoroughly, having the experience you acquired still intact may make everything much easier. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to earn the maximum number of medals for a combat challenge map:

----Try to avoid being hit. Not receiving damage of any kind throughout a round will net you bonus points.
----Incorporate a variety of attacks and utilize your gadgets. You'll receive bonus points for putting on a spectacular show demonstrating different ways of dealing with pests.
----Try to maintain a high combo count throughout the round.
----Stunning an enemy and immediately following-up with regular hits will raise your combo quickly.
----Performing special moves on an enemy will net you bonus points. Be sure to wait until the perfect opportunity arises for executing special moves.
----Use the ground pound move at the end of a round. The amount of points that you earn by executing this move will multiply the number on your combo meter.
----Execute the move that stuns surrounding enemies whenever two or three baddies are about to attack you or whenever you feel congested and need alittle bit of open space.

Demonstration of a "perfect combat challenge."

For predator challenges, the only way to obtain those medals is to successfully carry out each task. Depending on how many goals you fulfill, you earn that amount of medals. Each predator challenge map contains three (3) goals for you to satisfy. Respectively, you'll receive 3 medals if you have all goals satisfied for the chosen map. Press the button in accordance to the prompt once you enter the challenge to review the map's goals.

Predator challenge sample

Click on the link below for more information and visuals of all challenge maps.

For your challenging needs

Campaign Bronze (10)
Obtain 36 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman)

Introducing, the campaign map challenges ges ges ges *ending of word slowly fades*. You may've inferred that the campaign-type achievements work differently than the challenge ones. The way that the campaign map challenges are structured is like so:

----One challenge map is divided into three (3) sections, each containing a total of 3 medals to earn. Thus, they are to be treated as an individual combat or predator challenge. That makes 9 medals per campaign challenge. There's a total of 12 campaign challenge maps. That puts you at having to earn 9 medals on four (4) campaign challenge maps. Inspeaking of combat and predator challenges, the three sections that were vaguely mentioned are a combination of both. Again, treat each section as a separate challenge.
----"Campaign modifiers" are mandatory. They aren't power-ups, but rather obstructions for completing a campaign challenge map. Refer to the link at the very end of this achievement's description for more information. You can also refer to the video above the link for a visual on what to expect.
----You have three attempts to complete a section on a campaign challenge. If you fail at every attempt, then you must start from the very beginning of the campaign challenge.

A taste of campaigning

Scroll down to the very second post

Campaign Silver (20)
Obtain 72 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman)

What's mentioned under Campaign Bronze applies to this achievement. Earn 9 medals on eight (8) campaign challenge maps, and Campaign Silver is yours.

Campaign Gold (40){/B]
Obtain all 108 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman)

Refer to Campaign Bronze for rich information on how to get those medals! This one's the head cheese. Earn 9 medals on all 12 campaign challenge maps. Consequentially, you'll be rewarded the Campaign Gold achievement for your efforts.

Flawless Freeflow Fighter 2.0 (5)
Complete one combat challenge without taking damage (any character)

This achievement may arguably be one of the easiest, aside from I'm Batman. The way of going about snagging this one is choosing the very first combat challenge. Remember to perform takedowns whenever possible. This is to remove bafoons out of the picture quickly and give you room to breathe. Countering and jumping over your foes are also vital to avoid receiving damage. These rules apply towards whichever character you decide to do this with.

Twice Nightly (75)
Complete New Game Plus

To unlock the "new game plus" feature, you must complete the game on the normal or hard difficulty setting. Simply zip-line your way through the storyline, and ding! Although side-missions, collectibles, and upgrades aren't required for this achievement, you might as well go through every little thing once more for the sake of unlocking Perfect Knight - Day 2.

Gotham Base Jumper (5)
Jump off the tallest building in Arkham City and glide for 1 minute without touching the ground

Somewhere during the story, you'll find yourself at or near Wonder Tower. Climb to the highest point of the tower and glide off of it. To guarantee Batman gliding for 1 minute, fly straight towards the blimp. Eventually, Batman will ventilate upwards and turn back around. Continue to repeat the process for as long as possible. You'll be a Gotham Base Jumper soon enough!

WARNING!!! Video may contain vulgar language.

Sure, this method may become tedious and boring in the end. But, look on the bright side, this video has lively commentary.

Pay Your Respects (5)
A moment of remembrance

I'm sure that you know where this is going. Go to the spot (alleyway) that's marked on the featured player's map in the video provided. Be sure that the area is clear, or not containing enemies. When the area's clear, look on the ground for a rose and focus on it until the game prompts you to press a button. There will also be outlinings of two persons in white chalk, one body overlapping the other. Press the button, put down the controller, and Batman will kneel infront of the flower for about a minute or so. The reason for putting the controller down is so that Batman doesn't move while mourning. If he does, then it'll void the progress of the achievement and you'll have to start over.

You've made your parents proud

Story Teller (10)
Have 12 murderous dates with Calendar Man

Calendar Man is just another mentally unstable person, and Batman is no stranger to this kind of individual. To commence making progress towards Story Teller, go to Solomon Wayne Courthouse and enter through the front door. Proceed through the hall until you approach double doors. There will be some stairs on your left which lead to the courthouse basement. Take the stairs all the way down. Shortly after you arrive in the basement, prepare to make a left. Continue walking straight. Calendar Man will be in the very last room on the left. Also, there's a calendar pinned up against the wall next to Calendar Man's cell. Don't forget about that calendar; it's quite valuable for unlocking the achievement. If anything's murderous, then it's the most effective method on how to obtain Story Teller:

And that, Charlie Brown, is what Calendar Man's all about.

Basically, you need to visit Calendar Man one day each month. The days of which you visit him are significant. You'll see why after meeting with Calendar Man numerous times. Here's further assistance, in video form, on how to get the achievement:

Don't drop the calendar!

Catch (5)
Find someone to play remote Batarang catch with

Refer to Mystery Stalker.

50x Combo (5)
Complete a combo of 50 moves (any play mode, any character)

Note: This achievement, along with Perfect Freeflow 2.0, coincide with one another. You can get both in one shot. Refer to Perfect Freeflow 2.0 to see how!

There's two routes to take for unlocking this one. The first one is in-game:

50x at Solomon Wayne Courthouse

It's best if you comply with the video and return to the courthouse when you're up to the mission where you need to inquire about Protocol Ten whilst tracking down Joker. More importantly, you need critical strikes unlocked for this method to be effective. The second route is the "survival of the fittest" challenge:

Jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down.

"Critical strikes" aren't required. It's just a matter of executing the jumping-over-the-bafoon move, hitting them once, and repeat. To avoid boredom and having to wait longer until you get a 50 hit combo , throw in additional hits towards an enemy or two here and there. If that doesn't work, then follow the video to the core.

Perfect Freeflow 2.0 (5)
Perform a perfect combo including all of Batman's combat moves (any play mode)

Note: Be sure to have all combat upgrades purchased prior to making progress towards this achievement.

The achievement that requires a string of every combat move returns! For those of you who haven't played Arkham Asylum, those who have can inform you on how challenging Perfect Freeflow 2.0 can be. Unless, of course, you're willing to take a loss well and make possibly numerous attempts to unlock this achievement, all may be kosher. If you're just that skilled, then great! You must pull off every single combat move whilst maintaining your combo meter. "Survival of the fittest" challenge map will be the prime choice here. The video below contains the names of the moves that you must execute, along with the button(s) you must press to perform them.

And they say that there's no such thing as perfect

Gadget Attack (5)
Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight (any play mode)

Note: You must have the freeze grenade in order to earn this achievement. The freeze grenade is obtained upon defeating Mr. Freeze.

Another fairly easy achievement, one which you'll probably unlock in the least amount of time compared to the others. The 5 different quickfire gadgets are basically Batman's ranged attacks. The best place for unlocking the achievement is the very first combat challenge map, Blind Justice. You can choose to deploy the quickfire gadgets when either close or distant to an enemy. The video provided will inform you on what buttons to press to perform each mentioned quickfire gadget.

It could've been worse, whereas you could've been required to perform 5 different quickfire gadgets while maintaining the combo meter..........

Perfect Knight - Day 2
Main Story, Side Missions, Upgrades, Collectables, New Game Plus and Riddlers Revenge (as Batman)

Note: Be sure to create a separate save file for "new game plus."

If you've been following this achievement guide thoroughly, then you should have the first save file squared away:

----Main storyline completed
----All side-missions completed
----Purchased all upgrades
----Obtained all collectables
----Riddler's Revenge challenges completed

You will begin to really make progress towards unlocking the achievement once you start working on the new game plus. Luckily, for the new game plus file, you're only required to complete the main storyline and all side-missions once more. If you haven't collected all Riddler trophies by now, then that's ok. Whichever ones you collected in the first game save file will be carried over into the new game plus save file. The general rule of thumb for Riddler trophies is they are to be retrieved once.

DLC: Catwoman Bundle Pack

Sphinx' Riddle (10)
Complete all 40 of the Catwoman Riddler grid items

Could've said "trophies" instead of "grid items." Oh well. The concept for collecting Riddler trophies with Batman is no different from doing the same with Catwoman. The only difference here is the color of the Riddler trophies that Catwoman will be collecting, which is red. For Batman, they're green. Knowing that Catwoman's more parkour-ish than Batman, you'll be climbing upside down time to time. The videos below are organized by area of the city, each revealing the location of all Riddler trophies on the map and how to obtain them. Wonder City is excluded from the bunch, with respect to that area containing no Riddler trophies.

Amusement Mile Riddler trophies locations

Bowery Riddler trophies locations

Industrial District Riddler trophies locations

Museum Riddler trophies locations

Park Row Riddler trophies locations

Steel Mill Riddler trophies locations

Subway Riddler trophies locations

Arkham City Sirens (25)
Drop in on an old friend

Note: You'll earn this achievement naturally as you progress through the storyline.

Although I'm tempted to spill the beans on who this old friend is, I will.....................not tell you. By now, provided you've played Arkham Asylum, are familiar with the Batman movies, have read the comics, or still follow the cartoon shows, then one may infer that combat's involved when meeting an old friend. To reach this one, you must first fight your way through three (3) levels. Each level contains nothing but those puny goons. After dealing with a group on the first level, immediately jump and latch onto the ceiling. Half of this level will be covered with poisonous fog. There won't be poisonous fog present in the following levels. Your old friend will await you on the third level. Take out the bafoons on this level. There may be baddies here than the previous levels. As you narrow the group down to a couple of foes, your old friend will commence shooting stuff at you................yes, stuff. If I were to be alittle more specific, then you'd probably know who the old friend is! The achievement will unlock upon taking care of the last bad guy.

Pick Pocket (25)
Steal the score of a lifetime

Note: You'll earn this achievement naturally as you progress through the storyline.

After standing tall amongst Ivy's minions, a cutscene will follow. As part of the cutscene, you'll find yourself in the depths of Ivy's territory. Follow the path and continue along it until you arrive at a door. Enter through the door to encounter another cutscene. In the cutscene, Catwoman will observe a computer terminal. Once the cutscene ends, enter the next room. Be wary, for there's a few guards there. Climb up on the ceiling and drop down behind each of them to steal their card keys as shown in the video. Once you obtain three (3), return to the room with the computer terminal. Interact with it to initiate another cutscene, where Catwoman will, of course, use the card keys that you stole. Enter the same room you were last in. The area will now contain even more baddies. Take them out the smart way; up from the ceiling. Drop down behind them and perform a silent takedown on each. When the area's clear, make way to the vault. Enter the vault to be taken to another room. Ahead, there will be a wide rectangular desk with a plant sitting ontop. Interact with the plant, just to spawn more enemies. Deal with them, pick up two suitcases from the desk, and presto! Achievement should unlock shortly after you pick up the two suitcases.

3:47 is where all of the fun begins

Family Jewels (40)
Retrieve your stolen goods

Hah, family jewels................Anyway, your opportunity to make progress towards this achievement will arise after you defeat Two Face. Thugs in the northwest, central west, and southwest areas will have a diamond hovering over their heads when viewing everything in thief vision. When taken out, stolen goods will automatically return to you. Refer to your map to see how much you've collected and how much more you need. You have a total of 16 stolen goods which you must retrieve.

Grab hold of your family jewels once more

Feline Revenge (25)
Obtain all 72 medals on the original Arkham City ranked maps (as Catwoman)

Remember when you played as Batman and had to obtain 72 medals for the challenge-type achievements? Of course you do! Feline Revenge works very much like those (replaying maps you previously were on with Batman), except you'll be playing as Catwoman. Additionally, and this is important to keep in mind, Catwoman functions differently.

Scroll down to the second post for Catwoman's move list (basic combat, gadget attacks, etc).

What challenges will be like with Catwoman

Campaign Kitty (25)
Obtain all 108 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Catwoman)

Interesting how this Catwoman challenge-type achievement only offers 25 points while it requires you to earn 108 medals. Meanwhile, Feline Revenge offers 25 points and only requires you to earn 72 medals. Oh well. Anyway, refer to Feline Revenge for information regarding Campaign Kitty.

DLC: Robin Bundle Pack

Robin Revenge (25)
Obtain 78 medals on the original Arkham City and Robin Bundle Pack ranked maps (as Robin)

Ah yes..........Robin, Batman's ever-so lurking shadow. At least he gets his own DLC. Doing the challenges as Robin is equivalent to doing challenges as Catwoman and Batman. Below, you'll find two links. The first one will lead you to a list of Robin's moves. The second one contains visual aid on what the challenges are like with Robin.

Use your Robin powers............Robin!

"Challenge" is Robin's middle name. Actually, it's not.

Campaign Wonder (25)
Obtain 114 medals on the original Arkham City and Robin Bundle Pack campaigns (as Robin)

Refer to Robin Revenge for information regarding this achievement.

DLC: Nightwing Bundle Pack

Nightwing Revenge (25)
Obtain 78 medals on the original Arkham City and Nightwing Bundle Pack ranked maps (as Nightwing)

Challenge mode is looking pretty tedious at this point, isn't it. Use the previous challenge-based achievements as references for unlocking this one. Below is a link that will lead you to a playlist that's chock full o' videos pertaining to Nightwing conquering combat and predator challenges.

Who's Nightwing again?

Just found a place that guides you on Nightwing's combat maneuvers and gadget attacks:

Go Nightwing, go!

Campaign Nightwing (25)
Obtain 114 medals on the original Arkham City and Nightwing Bundle Pack campaigns (as Nightwing)

Nothing much can be said here, other than you need 36 additional medals ontop of the 78 which, hopefully, you have by now. Refer to Nightwing Revenge for more information on how to earn Campaign Nightwing.

DLC: Harley Quinn's Revenge

Lost Property (20)
No crimefighter should be without this

Note: Note: You'll earn this achievement naturally as you progress through the storyline. Also, look up for Party's Over.........literally.

You'll get this achievement within the first 8 mins. of playing Harley Quinn's DLC. The premise is Batman went missing whilst on a mission. You, Robin, must track down Batman and find out what happened to him. The path to your first clue regarding Batman is straightforward. Have your shield, explosive gel, and weapon ready! The achievement will unlock shortly after you deal with a fairly large group of enemies and go into the cutscene involving the first clue on Batman's stature.

Go poke some eyes out with your.......stick..................

Breaking and Entering (20)
Find a way into the secret base

Note: Note: You'll earn this achievement naturally as you progress through the storyline. Also, look up for Party's Over.........literally.

Somewhere along the DLC's storyline, you must retrieve three (3) codes from three of Harley Quinn's minions. You'll gain control of Batman for the first time when doing this. Retrieve the codes, travel along the path that's shown in the video, and equip the cryptographic sequencer. Lock onto the red lock on the mini computer terminal to proceed further. The achievement will unlock shortly after the sealed door is completely opened.

So much for the base being secret

How's It Hanging? (20)
Clean up the Dry Docks

Note: Note: You'll earn this achievement naturally as you progress through the storyline. Also, look up for Party's Over.........literally.

This achievement's short description should've been alittle more dramatic and truthful. You'll see why. It's just a matter of time until you confront the "star" of the "show" as you're searching for Batman. Deal with the "star" and watch it dangle. The achievement will unlock soon after.

The Last Laugh (40)
The joke's on who?

Note: Note: You'll earn this achievement naturally as you progress through the storyline. Also, look up for Party's Over.........literally.

Just when you thought that the "star" was dealt with. Don't you just hate it when you capture a nemesis and somehow, that doesn't quite cut it. They always manage to wiggle their way out of your grasp. Don't worry. As part of the storyline, you'll confront the "star" once more after you had it dangling for a moment previously. To get to them, you must first fight your way through a gang of robots. As you're turning them into scrap metal, the "star" will lock onto you with a red laser sight and fire some type of grenade or explosive projectile. Try to dodge this at the last minute. A successful evasion may lead to a robot or two taking damage and being removed from the picture. Once the robots are done for entirely, latch onto the edge of the platform the "star" is standing on. The "star" will attempt to kick you off. You'll know when the "star" is about to attack. Counter the attack, and let the cutscene handle the rest. The achievement will unlock after the cutscene ends.

Frequent Flyer (10)
Zip Kick 5 different thugs

This achievement should be unlocked amongst the first couple of ones. It's also one of the easiest achievements to earn. Pretend as though you're Batman using his zip-line, except Robin uses his to latch onto an enemy and perform a follow-up attack (left trigger + Y). Do this with the very first five (5) baddies you encounter. The achievement will unlock shortly after you insert foot in the last mouth.

Kickity kick kick

Battering Ram (10)
Shield Bash 5 different thugs

Another easy achievement which you should have unlocked fairly early in the game. Double tap the right trigger button to perform the shield bash move to the next five (5) guys you come across after getting Frequent Flyer.

Snap To It (20)
Snap Flash an unarmed thug, an armed thug, an environmental object and a Titan

Snap flashing an unarmed thug, armed thug, environmental object, and a Titan must be done in one playthrough. After all, you'll gain control of Batman sometime in the DLC. Once you do, you must replay the DLC at the very start. The first three are easy. As for the Titan, it's best that not many goons surround both you and it. Go in and plant the device on the Titan right after the opportunity arises.

In the words of Ice Cube, "I can do it put your snap into it."

Bomb Squad (40)
Defuse all bombs in 3 minutes or less

Upon dealing with Harley Quinn, scan the room for a circular metallic latch. On its right will be a small computer terminal with a red lock on it. Take out your handy dandy cryptographic sequencer and use it to lock onto the red lock symbol to force the latch open. The first bomb will be revealed to you. As soon as Batman defuses this one, a timer will appear and start to descend to 0:00. Enter through the way you took to end up in that room in the first place (double doors). The video will guide you to where you need to go for the other remaining bombs. There will be some enemies who will try to obstruct you from getting this achievement. Make quick work out of them by executing the takedown move as soon as you have an open opportunity.

Batman's superior timing makes up for not having laser eyes (Superman), speed (Flash), strength (Wonder Woman), or even a cool ring (Green Lantern).

A Few New Tricks (20)
Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight as Robin in Harley Quinn's Revenge

The best place to do this is in the area where there's a large gang of bafoons surrounding your first clue regarding Batman's whereabouts. The link below contains a video that instructs you on which buttons to press to execute the 5 different moves you need for the achievement.

Nice moves.........Robin.

Party's Over (50)
Destroy all Harley Balloons

You might be wondering why some of the achievement descriptions are referencing this achievement. That's because throughout the DLC (and Arkham City itself), there are balloons which you must pop for said achievement. This is also to prevent you from having to repeat the DLC..................unless, of course, you enjoyed it enough to do so. The video provided will reveal to you the locations of every single balloon on the map and out of it.

Party's over indeed!
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