Xbox 360 Batman: Arkham City


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Sep 22, 2011
Has anybody played Arkham City yet? I went with a friend to get it and I've been watching him play. He says that basically everything that was wrong in the previous game has been fixed in this version. What do you think?
I've heard that from other people, that the things that were glitchy or just plain horrible in the previous game has been made much better in this one. I hope it's true!
I don't have this game yet so I can't be sure about the glitches. I also didn't play the previous version so I don't know what the problems are. I've only seen the trailer of the game and it sure looks worth buying.
Batman: Arkham City received a great review in the New York Times. One interesting point was how this version is more about Arkham City and exploration rather than the character of Batman. Reading the review, I found myself really wanting to play the game. I've always loved the Batman movies.
I think it's been getting great reviews in general, right? So it's probably a really good game. I remember reading about how the exploration is more of a focal point than the characters, which is interesting. Normally I think it'd be the other way around.
I have not played Batman: Arkham City, yet, but I hope to soon. The trailers I have seen for this game, have looked amazing. I am glad there is more focus on exploring, because that brings something new, to the Batman games.
After watching him play some more I have determined that yes, exploration is a major part of the game. It's so open, you can really swing from rooftop to rooftop and walk the streets. The map is so dimensional. I am really impressed with that aspect of the game.
I thought it wasn't out yet? I had no idea! I am going to capitalize on Arkham City and get it right away! What a great update to hear from you guys as usual!
While I'm a big fan of shooter games, this game was a lot of fun to play! The fact they incorporated many of the villains throughout the story was very cool, although I think some of them should've had larger roles...The repel and glide features made navigating the city cool and efficient, although it didn't take many enemies to bog you down. The riot shields were the worst for me, as the move to disarm them was awkward. A great game!