Battle between PC and console players


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Sep 22, 2011
I visit a number of places where gaming talk is the norm and I always see a heated debate on PC gaming vs. console gaming. I don't understand the conflict. It's all about preference I believe and affordability. If someone can't afford a high end computer to play on, that doesn't make them a bad person, but some of these PC gamers would make you think otherwise. I've done my share of both systems. I love PC for what it can do compared to the console, but I also like the console due to simplicity. Both ways have good things and bad things. I don't get the fuss that I see sometimes about them.
I've never understood the reason why people get so passionate about their choice of gaming console. I suspect it has something to do with them being really bored.
Yeah, but why would the PC players look down on console players? To me it doesn't matter. As long as there are enough players to keep the game I like going, then I could care less how many other players are on a different system. It seems a little political for a video game that is supposed to be about fun.
I never understood, why people get so worked up about little things. Who cares what you play on? It is your skill level, that makes you a better gamer, not what you play on!
I don't get it either. Everybody has a preference, why can't we just accept that? I never really knew that PC gamers looked down on others. The only PC game I really play is Sims though so I don't really consider myself a PC gamer.
Maybe these PC players are just arrogant to have a good system. I'm also a PC gamer but I don't look down on other gamers with different game console. I guess discrimination has entered the realms of video gaming.
Heh, I'm a PC gamer, and I can say I don't look down on you console-playing peasants (kidding!). Anyway, it's not just between PC and Consoles. You see the same exact stupid flaming whenever you get Wii and Xbox fanboys yelling at each other.

It's like kids fighting over who gets to ride shotgun.
I don't get it either. Everybody has a preference, why can't we just accept that? I never really knew that PC gamers looked down on others. The only PC game I really play is Sims though so I don't really consider myself a PC gamer.

Oh come on, The Sims is totally a hardcore gamers title. :p I use to play The Sims as well. I would download other peoples designs of their mansions so that I could play around with them.
It's the battle of the PC versus console, Windows versus Linux, Coke versus Pepsi, and the list goes on. I chalk it up to different strokes for different folks. And sometimes it's a matter of convenience, affordability, or both.
I guess the one thing that unites gamers, whatever games or consoles they own, is when critics say stupid things about video gaming like blaming video games for kids who are violent because of playing violent games. Anyhow, I just don't side on any type of console with debates on this matter.
It's a shame we can't harness Nerd Rage as an energy source, because we'd solve the energy crisis if we could. Heck, the uproar after Ebert said that "Games will never be art" would have been able to power New York for a year.
One way to think about the "battle" is that it just creates more buzz for gaming. More buzz means more players, more games, and better games. It's all good as I see it. The console is no threat to the PC and vice versa. I don't see either going away no matter what.
That is true. As someone once said, "All publicity is good publicity". It just strikes me as silly how worked-up over it some people can get.
Looking down on people for using something you don't like is not good. We should always keep an open mind. However, I consider it a positive thing to debate on what console we choose. It's in our personality to express our choices. Otherwise, if people would be like "meh, whatever... I'll just pick a random console... Who cares? They're all the same", what would happen to the competition between companies?
I'd forgotten about that comment from Ebert. That certainly united gamers across the spectrum. And what does Ebert know? He's just a person with an opinion who is lucky enough to get paid for spouting it. Nevertheless, it's one person's opinion and, if an opinion could be wrong, his would be!
I really do not think you can fit every type of gamer into one category only, that is just about nuts. I do both and I have never minded one over the other, I have also never had the fight of I game on ....and you are lower than I am. Hate breeds hate.
Yeah, I agree that just debating it is harmless. Me and my little brother jokingly harass each other over our console choices, but it's all in good fun. And honestly, I'm just as likely to play his PS3 and Wii as he is to play my PC or 360.
Console people believe all PC gamers are nerds who have no life an spend thousands of dollars on a computer, while PC gamers see console players as immature 4 year-olds who only use the mic to trash talk. Honestly, I have both, and they each have their pro's and con's. Could everybody just chill out?
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Most PC gamers are tech nerds that like to get all "high and mighty" over how great their hardware is; whereas consoles are pretty much "as is." Of course there are the main differences between them as well. For instance, I haven't played many console games, but find PCs (mouse/keyboard) superior to consoles for FPSs...but of course that is probably my lack of familiarity with the controllers.