Xbox 360 Best skill tree setup


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Dec 22, 2012
What does your skill tree consist of? I'm a fair mix between Shark and Spider. The long range sniping aspect of the Heron doesn't hold as much appeal to me, although I may change it up as I play the game more. BTW-Does this game let you reset your skill tree down the road for a price like many games do?
I agree with you on liking the Shark and Spider trees, but I think you actually are able to get all of the skill tree opened up eventually.
I just got this game today but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. What's a skill tree? I'm guessing it's similar to the constellations in Skyrim, where you build up your skills, right?
Traintrax - Yes, you could look at the skill trees as being similar to constellations in Skyrim. There are 3 main categories of skills in Far Cry 3 - the Heron, the Spider, and the Shark. One deals with long range take downs and mobility, another deals with stealth take downs and survival, and the third deals with assault take downs and healing. However, the visual development of the skills doesn't manifest itself in the same way constellations do in Skyrim. In Far Cry 3, the more you develop each skill tree, the more tattoos show up on your arm.
Well, I've beaten the entire story line with all of the side missions and quests. That means I've fully unlocked every "perk" on the skill tree. It's a good feeling when you finally max out Jason and put his abilities at full strength. He turns into an unstoppable force near the end of the game. All of his new, powerful abilities and unlocks add an awesome feeling to the game. Only problem is that once you beat the game, your skill tree becomes pretty much useless. :(
I have almost all Shark and Spider. I love the stealthiness of Spider while being able to be a strong attacker with Shark. I also love how Far Cry allows you to take the battle into your own hands and change the outcome, depending on your attack strategy.