Xbox 360 Best Xbox 360 Game


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Dec 23, 2011
In your opinion, what is the best Xbox 360 game out there? I know many people would say Call of Duty, because after you've completed the campaign, you can continue playing online for a virtually unlimited amount of time. I disagree, however, because Call of Duty's offline campaigns are so short. For me, the best Xbox 360 game out there on the market right now is probably Skyrim, because offline play time is virtually unlimited, making the game well worth $60.
Well, my husband would tell you Call of Duty, because he likes the online play so much. As for me, I would say The Sims 3. It has unlimited play time because it's not the traditional "play it until you beat it" kind of game. I've always loved The Sims games, though, so I'm definitely partial. ;) I was really happy when The Sims finally came to Xbox 360.
Gears of war 3 is the best game I have played on the xbox 360. The perfect shooting mechanics and the gruesome kills coupled with great graphics make you proud to own a 360.
Skyrim. I haven't played them yet but I can imagine that Dishonored and Borderlands 2 won't be far behind once I pick them up. Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV are up there as well.
The best Xbox 360 game for me will always be the original Mass Effect. This game really was innovative and changed how you play. The story line was amazing, unique, and refreshing and Bioware got it right big time.