Xbox 360 Better Than The Original?


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Dec 13, 2012
Who here has played both of The Godfather games? I haven't played either, but I'm thinking about buying the second one. Both of them received about the same rating from IGN, but the second one just sounds better to me. Anyone have any input here?
I played the first one and liked it alright, but I haven't played The Godfather 2. I didn't like the first one well enough to go out and buy the second one.
Just going by some of the reviews:

The sequel features "Black Hand 2.0" control scheme where the player can grab, knee, kick, and head-butt enemies.

The issues the majority of reviewers mentioned were the easy difficulty, numerous bugs and glitches and the poor AI.

So no, other than the new combat control scheme, it's actually not outshining the first version, is a bit too easy due to weak AI, and it's story (quite good BTW) starts off where the first one left off.. So if I saw both on the shelf and the first version was half-price, I'd grab it.

If you enjoy the first one, you can keep on playing by grabbing the 2nd one. ;)
I thought this game series were so incredibly bad? Did I hear it wrong?