Big Fish Games


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Mar 8, 2012
The website for Big Fish Games has a special going on today in case anyone is interested. You can use the coupon code, new299, to get a game for 2.99. It says that they are regularly 9.99. You have to be a new customer, and it doesn't count toward games that are collector's editions. Anyway, it might be worth checking out.
That is not a bad discount at all, too bad I just caught the note today about it. Are they known for having a good many promo's each month? I might be able to keep an eye out if I jot it down on a sticky note.
I just visited their website a few minutes ago, and they are advertising the same special. Apparently, "today" means every day at Big Fish Games. ;) But I'm not complaining. Maybe they're just extending the promotion because it's bringing in a lot of business.
Do they have any decent games worth buying? I'm guessing their site is filled with app-like games that are designed to catch the eye and open your pocket. Much like Pop Games.