Xbox 360 Black Eyed Peas Experience


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Jan 20, 2012
I’m a huge Black Eyed Peas fan! I love their music. My kids love their music too. We bought the Black Eyed Peas Experience for the Kinect 2 weekends ago. It’s been a huge hit at our house. There are 30 different Black Eyed Peas songs and you dance your butt off. I did not think I would be good at it (lots of hip hop) but it’s so much fun. The kids love it too. Have you ever played?
That sounds like it would be fun, I like the Black Eyed Peas too. I'm also a fan of music games in general. We used to play Guitar Hero a lot, and my friend even has DJ Hero.
I love music games of almost any kind. It kind of surprises me that I would like hip hop because it was never my style. But it's different with the Kinect. I guess you could say that I've broadened my horizons! :cool:
Awesome Zelda and that is exactly how I see it too. I was never a hip hop dancer but I am now (in my house that is). My kids laugh so hard at me when I am trying to dance. I sing at the top of my lungs too!