Xbox 360 Black Friday Games?


New Member
Nov 2, 2011
Are any of you going out for games on Black Friday? I generally do; you can sometimes find really awesome deals on year-old titles. I'm glad I did this with Assassin's Creed, since I ended up hating it. I was glad I only spent $5 on it.
Yes, I am hitting up three stores and I am sure I will regret it. I have no idea what traffic will be like since I am heading into a new town hoping to avoid most of the rush. If I am lucky I will be back by noon.
I hope to snag some new games, at cheap prices, this Black Friday. Walmart has Batman: Arkam City for $28, but I am wondering if I can find it cheaper by waiting? I know Toys R Us, is doing a deal, where you buy one game and get the second game for five bucks. I am not sure, if I want to deal with Toys R Us on Black Friday, though.
I'm going to stand out at Best Buy all night just to get 5 bucks off of an old game. :p I'm teasing. Really, I will be going shopping with my lady that day, so I will keep my eye open if there are any good deals. I was thinking that things like video games wouldn't be on sale for that day, but we'll see.
I am going Black Friday shopping but not for games. I will pick some up if I see a good deal though. I love to shop on Black Friday. I've seen a lot of stores have been running online sales all week - some even better than their Black Friday sales.