Xbox 360 Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Perks Guide


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Aug 28, 2012
Black Ops II Multiplayer Perks Guide

Black Ops II multiplayer perks offer a wide range of enhancements, allowing for more customization options for your classes. You get to pick one perk from each slot, giving you 3 perks for your class. Additionally, you can use Wildcards, which enable you to pick one extra perk from each slot, giving you a total of 6 perks. However, this will use up all your Wildcards and limit the amount of customization you can do for your class. You will be left with only one weapon without attachments and no equipment. These perks do not improve your weapon stats- you will need attachments for that.

Perk Slot 1

This perk enables you to move faster than normal. Additionally, you will not suffer any damage from falling.

Flak Jacket
Makes you take less damage from explosives, so that at full health, you will survive most explosives used directly against you.

Blind Eye
The AI-controlled air support Scorestreaks will not be able to detect you. However, some air support Scorestreaks can be taken over and controlled by players at any time during the game. This means that they will be able to detect and attack you if the AI is overridden.

You will earn bonus points for each action you perform, meaning you will earn your Scorestreak rewards faster. For example, capturing an enemy flag would normally give you 200 points, but with Hardline, you get 250 points.


When you are in motion, enemy UAVs will not be able to detect you. However, when you stop, you will show up on their radar.


Perk Slot 2

Hard Wired
This perk makes you immune to enemy Counter UAV's and EMPs. However, you still can't call in Scorestreak rewards.

Enables you to replenish your ammo, grenades and equipment from enemies that were not killed by explosives. Dead enemies leave behind scavenger bags that you can pick up.

Cold Blooded
You will be invisible to enemy targeting systems, including equipment like the Dual Band, MMS, Sensor Grenade and Target Finder. The enemy-controlled air support Scorestreak rewards also can't target you.

Fast Hands
You will be able to swap your weapons faster than normal, and also to use equipment and grenades faster. In addition, you can safely throw back enemy grenades.

This perk makes you flinch less when you get shot by the enemy.

Perk Slot 3

You will be able to climb ladders, and mantle over obstacles like gates, 50% faster than normal. Additionally, you will recover faster from melee strikes and be able to aim quicker after sprinting.


You will be able to see all enemy equipment glowing red through walls, and enemy explosives that you trigger will be delayed. Additionally, you can booby trap Care Packages or re-roll the Care Packages content with hopes of getting something better.


Dead Silence
Makes you more silent by reducing the sound made by your footsteps, jumps, and falls.


Extreme Conditioning
You will be able to sprint two times longer than normal, thus giving you significant field advantage.

Tactical Mask
Increases your immunity to Flash and Concussion grenades, including Shock Charges. Their effects are reduced but not completely mitigated.

Makes enemies at least four times louder than normal. You will be able to hear their footsteps much easier as they get closer to you.
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