Xbox 360 Black Ops 2 Zombies Part Building Guide (Bus Depot-Tranzit)


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Sep 19, 2011
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit mode for the bus depot map features part building as part of game play. Here are all the neat things you can build plus their locations and use. Things to be aware of is that you can only carry one part at a time. Once you retrieve the part you'll need to take it the workstation and build before you can pick up another part. Once the item is built, you and any person in your group can grab it so each person can have one. Each workstation will build only one specific item so make sure your using the right part on the right workstation. Thankfully that shouldn't be a problem because the parts are located by the station their supposed to be used on. You will also lose or drop the part if a zombie manages to hit you down. If that happens, then grab the part where you fell. So without further due, let’s get started on what kind of stuff we can create in Black Ops 2 Zombies.

Item: Turbine
Location: Bus Depot (Starting Point Area)
Parts: Dolly, Fan, & Mannequin
Use: Can be used on doors that require a power source. Also used to power turrets, traps, activate the perk machines, & provide access to the pack a punch room

The turbine can be built in the first area of the Bus Depot Tranzit Mode. Start by looking for the Fan part on the seats that are located on the opposite side of the workstation. Once you find it and use it on workstation, You can find the Mannequin leaning against the center information map. The dolly can be found by the phones / lockers. Once all these parts have been used on the station you'll have the turbine. Careful as zombies will attack them and they are destroyed after a number of uses.

You can use the Turbine at the bus depot area where it was built on the door next to workstation and save yourself 750 bucks. There are also doors located at the Diner, Town, and Farm areas that the turbine can be used on. Nice to have when it comes time to activate the perk machines when the power is turned on and get to the pack a punch room.


Item: Electric Trap
Location: Power House Room (room after the turning on the power in the white room)
Parts: Rod, Base, & Battery
Use: Draw zombies to it and kill them

After opening the door by activating the power in the white room, go up the starts and you'll see the workstation to your left. You'll find the battery on the floor, in the corner, of the same floor of the workstation by the stairs. You can grab the base on the window stile if you go up the stairs from the workstation, turn left, and make the jump. Look straight ahead at the window and you'll see it. The last part is a little trickier. You'll have to start going up the stairs, from the workstation area, and look to your left. You should see a hole in railing. Make the jump to the next area and turn right immediately. You'll see the part on some barrels straight ahead.

Your going to have a turbine handy to activate this sucker.


Item: Turret
Location : Farm
Parts: Lawn Mower, Ammo Pouch, & Machine Gun
Use: Gun Turret used to kill zombies at a certain area or narrow pathway.

The torrent is a great weapon to plow through some zombies when you decide to fortify for a while. The workstation in this area is inside the house. You can find the lawn mower at near one of the doors where you see the refrigerator through the door leading into the house on the ground outside of the house (not inside). You can grab the ammo pouch inside house in the living room or kitchen areas. And you can get the Machine Gun on the couch inside the house. Keep in mind you'll need a turbine to power the weapon.


Item: Zombie Roit Sheild
Location : Dinner
Parts: Car Door & Dolly
Use: Used as a shield to protect you and bash zombies. Worn on back to prevent being hit from behind.

This item is best just used as a back protector from zombies. For this part, the workstation is found in the room next to the garage, you'll have to pay to open this door. You'll also have to pay to open the door into the dinner. The dolly can be found in the dinner behind the counter. Grab the Car Door in the garage and get to building. And there you go, now you have a fully functional riot shield, well.. at least a zombie style riot shield.


Item: Power Switch
Location : White Room (Area with the big generator in the center)
Parts: Arm hand, Back Panel, & Switch
Use: Used to activate the power in the white room and open the door.

Power Switch is used to activate the generator in the white room (also known as the power house). This will open the door in the same room as the workstation and give you access to the same room as the electric trap. The back panel can be found in same room as the workstation on the opposite wall of the workstation and by the door. The Switch can be found by some piled up boxes. When you fist drop into the area go straight ahead and as soon as you enter the generator room go right. You'll see the boxes their and look at the floor in front of it. The Arm Hand can be found in the main generator room, when your in the workstation room, leave the room and go left as soon and straight down. You'll see an arm or hand piece on the floor. Once you build this part, the power will be activated and the door in the workstation room will open. You'll also need to do this to build the pack a punch machine, which is discussed below.


Item: Pack a Punch
Location : Bank (Town area)
Parts: Head piece, Battery, & Table
Use: Upgrade your weapons baby, but you need the turbine to power it!!

To build the pack a punch machine you'll need to get into the bank at the town. Once inside you'll see a vault in front of you. To open the vault you'll need to throw grenades at the door till it explodes. And for those of you who enjoyed that then prepare for more, You'll have to open a another vault door the same way once inside. The bank vault is a great place to deposit points in case you want to use them in another game, but i digress, back to the pack a punch machine. At this point you'll come to a room with a lighting bolt sign, make sure you've turned on the power by following the power switch tutorial above. With the power on, the wall will back out and the floor will open. Go down and start collecting the parts. The table is found by some barrels by going to the right when you get down the stairs where you saw the power sign (its on the left hand side of that hallway). The head piece is in the same hallway in the comer at the far end from where you entered. The battery can be found at the beginning of this area to the left of the stairs and behind some boxes. Take a the parts to the end of this area where the workstation is and build the assume pack a punch. You'll need a turbine handy to run it, so don't forget it bring it when you do this.


Item: Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 (aka the high powered air blower / Jet Gun / Wunder Weapon)
Location : Town
Parts: Cables, Handle, Jet Engine

Use: Blows wind against zombies and knocks them back.

Its very tricky to build the jet gun, which is also the strongest weapon you can build, so if you're having trouble try and use the video below. The engine is located between the bus depot map and the town map in the tunnels. Careful traveling to get this part as you get little creatures that jump on your back and try and claw you from behind. If this happens, use your knife and keep stabbing until they jump off. The cables / wires can be found in the area where you build the electric trap (part where you can jump down from the hole in the railing). See the electric trap guide above to get to this area or the video below. The handle is at Nacht Der Untoten. where you can find the bowie knife. To get their, you'll have to take the bus between the farm and next stop (stops 4 & 5). You'll see corn fields outside the bus. Get off and look for lights that will get you their and head into the fields from their. Best way is to the video below to get a visual. The part is located at the top of the broken stars in the house.

To get to Nacht Der Untoten

To Build the Wunder Weapon / Jet Gun

Item: Navcard Machine / Navigation Table / Obelisk table
Location: In the corn fields of Nacht Der Untoten (at the power/radio tower)
Parts: Meteor, Nav Card, Table, Card Reader, & Radio
Use: Part of the easter egg portion

This is another item that videos tend to work better. So if you need them feel free to play them below. To get the meteor, you'll have to be at the bus depot map and when you walk outside (first door leading out from where you start) to the left, you'll see a hole in the wall with fire. The part is located in their. Its next to where the music box would be in survival mode at the Bus Depot. The Nav Card is located in the same area, so if you were to keep going you'll see the lava to your left and a narrow pathway to cross. Basically taking you behind the side of the bus depot. Once you do you'll see the part on the floor ahead of you. The table can be found in two parts, in the tunnel where you can walk around to grab it (multiple locations here) or the the area where you can build the electric trap after the power room. If its their you'll need to jump across the gap in the area and find the part on the floor.

The card reader can be in the Town or the Farm house. In the town its located by the dumpsters or boxes. In the farm it can be located in the house next to the refrigerator. The radio is the same way, in the Nacht Der Untoten part of the map or at the garage near the dinner. If its the garage then look for it on the cabinets. If its in Nacht Der Untoten, its on the broken book shelves.

The workstation can be found in the fields next to Nacht Der Untoten. Once this easter egg hunt is done you'll have it saved to your profile.


Item: Bus Upgrades
Location: All over
Parts: Roof Hatch, Ladder, & Bus Plow
Use: Make upgrades to the bus that caters you around!

Roof Hatch: This handy items let you get access to the roof portion of the bus and Dinner. This part is located in the shack area of the town (1st bus stop). You'll need a turbine to open the door and you'll see it at the far left corner. Its going to be the ladder or the hatch. You can only use it once, so you'll have to choose between the bus or the diner to use it on.

Bus Plow: Great for killing zombies who get in front of a traveling bus. But really, isn't that hows its suppose to go anyways. The plow is located on the first door you can use the turbine on at the start of the map. Grab it and build it on the front of the bus. And bam, you have a zombie road kill weapon on your hands.

Ladder: The ladder is built on the side of the bus to get access to the roof quicker without having to use the doors and hatch. Multiple locations, found easiest at the same part as the roof hatch above.

Ladder Video:

Bus Plow Video:

Roof Hatch Video:
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