Xbox 360 Black Ops 2 Zombies Tower of Babble Achievement


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Aug 28, 2012
This achievement requires four players working together to unlock it. Each player needs to construct a turbine that they will use on the mission, and you also need to carry some EMP grenades. You can find one in the Mystery box.

From the bus depot, take the bus to the Power Station (third stop) to turn on the power. To do this, find a zombie arm, a circuit board and a lever. Once the power is turned on, some green lanterns will light up to mark the teleporting points that you can use to move around. A voice will also be activated, which will give you instructions to follow to help you get this achievement. You should turn the power on and off as instructed by the voice.

Next, the four players should walk to the Electrical Pylon located between the Farm and the Power station. You will see a large structure obscured by smoke in the cornfields. Two players should put their turbines below the pylon to power it up. You may have to take care of a few zombies before the electrical zombie boss appears. When the electrical zombie gets below the pylon, wait for the voice instructions, then use the EMP grenade to kill him.

After killing the electrical zombie, the two players should stay by their turbines beneath the pylon, while the remaining two go to the teleporting points (green lights) at the diner and Bank area separately. They should then activate their turbines at these spots, so that all four turbines are activated at the same time. The achievement will unlock after that.

Here is a video to help you get the achievement easily.

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