Xbox 360 Black Ops versus Modern Warfare 3


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Dec 24, 2011
We bought Modern Warfare 3 the day it came out for my husband because he LOVES all the Call of Duty games. However, when he started playing Modern Warfare 3, he was SORELY disappointed, so much so that he actually went back to playing Black Ops. At work, I heard a co-worker saying the same thing and it made me wonder - Has this become the common consensus? Has everyone been disappointed by Modern Warfare 3? Does everyone still like Black Ops better? How do you feel about these two games?
I am not disappointed in it. Mainly because it seems there was a big graphic increase over Black Ops, but I do know 2 people that agree that Black Ops is better.... I think it is just that it is a different game. It is at lot like MW2. I think people just prefer one over the other.
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I don't really think that the graphics in Modern Warfare 3 are any better than in Black Ops, but I don't know of anyone citing that as the reason they dislike Modern Warfare 3. Everyone that I've heard talk badly about Modern Warfare 3 said they felt like they had wasted their money because the game is so similar to Modern Warfare 2, not really because there is something wrong with Modern Warfare 3 in and of itself.
I agree with Pink_Assassin. We were so excited when Modern Warfare 3 came out; we bought it the same day it hit the shelves. When we brought it home and played it, though, it was just like playing Modern Warfare 2. And after spending $60 on the game, I felt like I'd been ripped off! Don't get me wrong - I like Modern Warfare 2. But when MW3 came out and it was so similar to MW2, it left me feeling like Activision and Infinity Ward were just after more money, like they were trying to capitalize on the success of MW2.