Xbox One Black screen

The black screen happened to me to and I factory reset my Xbox 5 times. Tried both ways keeping my and apps and uninstalling them. Nothing has worked and to top it off Xbox support all of a sudden isn’t working also.
Hey, it seems to be an Xbox Live issue. Some are reporting that they can use their system after removing the ethernet cable and staying in an "offline" status. Try it and see if you can have your system come up without it being connected to Xbox Live. When trying to login is when the system seems to go to the black screen. You may be able to reconnect the ethernet cable once the dashboard comes up and watch Netflix just as long as the application or game doesn't require you to log-in to Xbox Live.
Will just have to wait until Xbox Live Engineers do their fix. Great to hear the units are not screwed up though.
Same issue here. Tried everything that I could think of. Nice to know it is not just my Xbox getting the new ring of death. Now we wait.
Same issue. Crazy that a corporation as big as Microsoft can allow such a widespread outage effecting the base of the Xbox console. Very poor management and makes me wonder what they do with all of that money. Issue has persisted throughout the day and I have tried every troubleshoot that is possible. Frustrating occurrences like these make me question the intelligence of those making money off of xbox users. It would be smarter, as I see fit, to predict every bug before releasing an update which locks up the console. Customers should not have to wait for hours on end to enjoy what they have spent hard earned money on.
My system works until it connects to live and then black screen, I can't even play my hard copy games without getting and update needed message