Blu - ray player


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Jul 5, 2012
I don't use the Blu - ray player capabilities of my PS 3 as much as I would like to, but I think that it is an excellent feature for a console to have. For times when you feel like watching a movie and Netflix isn't an option, you can just pop in a disc and do the same.
I wish we had a PS3 with a Blu-ray player! We're still stuck in the dark ages with a PS2, ha ha!! Seriously though, I think a lot of people probably don't use the Blu-ray function as much because you can still find regular DVDs for about half the price of Blu-rays.
See, and I'm totally the opposite. I don't buy tons of movies anymore, but when I do, I buy the Blu-ray version. Most of the time it comes with a regular dvd anyways. I almost use my PS3 exclusively to play Blu-rays. Nine out of ten times if I buy a game, I buy it for the Xbox. The only time I play the PS3 is for the Sony exclusive titles like Uncharted or GoW.
I'm with Jstep, I also barely buy movies any more. I do prefer the blu ray version when I buy them though. The experience is worth the extra cash.