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Aug 28, 2012
Below are the achievements for Borderlands 2, along with the number of achievement points you’ll receive and a summary on how to get each achievement.

Borderlands 2 Achievement List

Challenge Accepted (30)
Completed level 1 of all non-level-specific challenges with a single character
You can get this achievement when playing both online and offline, in non-versus game modes where you cooperate with a friend. Here is a video to help you earn this achievement easily. Direct Link.

Goliath, Meet David (15)
Allowed a Goliath to level up four times before killing him
When you shoot off the helmet of a Goliath, don’t kill him immediately. He will grow stronger and go on the rampage, attacking everything in sight, including other enemies. He will gradually raise levels in the process. Wait until he is raised for levels and then finish him to unlock the achievement.

Went Five Rounds (25)
Completed Round 5 of any Circle of Slaughter
The Circle of Slaughter is basically about survival. You will be required to start a quest from round 1 and you have to proceed through the rounds until you complete round 5. The enemies get tougher as you progress through the rounds, and in round 5 you will be pitted against 5 waves of enemies. Once you start, you cannot leave the arena, so you should stock up fully before you enter. Here is a video to help you. Direct Link.

Not Quite Dead (5)
Reached level 5
This achievement is pretty easy and you will get it pretty quickly. Just get your character to level five. It should only take a maximum of an hour or so of playing the game to reach level 5 and unlock this achievement.

Better Than You Were (10)
Reached level 10
Again, similar to the ‘Not Quite Dead’ achievement, you just have to keep playing the game until you reach level 10 to get this achievement. There are very few tracks that you can apply if any; you just have to play the game normally and grind it out.

Always Improving (25)
Reached level 25
Do you see a theme here for these past few achievements? Just like the other ones that you get for reaching certain levels – Just play the game and you’ll eventually get there! There is no easy way to get this achievement. Just keep on grinding away at it and you’ll eventually reach level 25.

Capped Out…For Now (50)
Reached level 50
This achievement takes a very long time and is very difficult to get. You have to be patient and dedicated to get to this level. There are very few tracks that you can apply if any; you just have to play the game normally and grind it out until you unlock this achievement.

Arctic Explorer (15)
Discovered all named locations in Three Horns, Tundra Express, and Frostburn Canyon
There are a total of 27 locations in all the above places. You also need to uncover the whole map of the area. The Three Horns has a total of 12 locations, Tundra Express has 9 and Frostburn Canyon has 6. Here is a video to help you. Direct Link.

Urban Explorer (15)
Discovered all named locations in Sanctuary, Opportunity, and Lynchwood
There are 18 locations in total that you have to find in these three areas. Sanctuary has 6 locations, Opportunity has 7 and Lynchwood has 5. Here is a video to help you. Direct Link.

Highlands Explorer (15)
Discovered all named locations in The Highlands, Thousand Cuts, and Wildlife Exploitation Preserve
You will discover most of the locations from doing side missions. Here is a video to help you find all the locations quickly. Direct Link.

Blight Explorer (15)
Discovered all named locations in Eridium Blight, Arid Nexus, and Sawtooth Cauldron
You will discover most of the locations as you do the main quests and side quests. The gray areas on your map represent places that you haven’t discovered. Here is a video to help you discover all the locations quickly. Direct Link.

World Traveler (50)
Discovered all named locations
Make sure all maps in all locations are fully complete. If there is a big area on the map with no border, walk over it to unlock it on the map. All maps must have a full border, and the inside outlines for the map should be 100% complete. Here is a video to help you discover all the locations. Direct Link.

Sugar Daddy (10)
Tipped Moxxi $10,000
For this achievement, you can tip Moxxi $100 or $1000 at a time, or you can save up $10000 and give it to her all at once. When you first enter the Sanctuary, you will find her place down the street to the right. Just put the money into the tip jar on her counter and the achievement will unlock.

Decked Out (25)
Had Purple-rated gear or better equipped in every slot
The gear is randomly generated, so you can get it quickly or you may have to wait a long time. You can use the Golden Keys in Sanctuary on the Golden Chest and you will be guaranteed a Purple item. There are also respawning chests every time you leave the game. This means that you can just keep loading games until you acquire enough purple gear from lat game chests.

Sabre Rattler (20)
Killed 100 enemies with the Sabre turret
The Sabre turret is Axton’s unique skill (Commando). You will unlock it once you reach level 5. After that, just press [LB But] to deploy the turret whenever you encounter a group of enemies to kill them. Once you kill 100 enemies this way, the achievement will pop.

Phased and Confused (20)
Phaselocked 100 enemies
Phaselock is Maya’s unique skill (Siren) and you will unlock it once you reach level 5. It is a very useful skill in the game, and will help you defeat many enemies. You may not be able to completely apply it against bigger enemies and the bosses, but it will still cause them a lot of damage in the process.

So Much Blood! (20)
Gunzerked continuously for 90 seconds
First, you need to max out the Kill Skill: Last Longer, and the Gunzerker Skill: Yipee Ki Yay. This will give you a maximum increase in your gunzerking duration by 15 seconds, and an additional 3 seconds for every killed enemy. This means that you will get it if you kill 30 enemies straight. You need to level all the way to 25 and then go back to a low level Caustic Caverns, where there are plenty of enemies spawning, to get this achievement.

Cute Loot (15)
Killed a Chubby
You will find a “Chubby” to kill in the Three Horns Divide area. From the Sanctuary gates, follow the main road until you see the first ground-pump tower, with a Skag’s lair at the bottom of it. There are different skags there, and only one of them will give you this achievement. It is hard to tell which one it is so just kill all of them.

Tribute To A Vault Hunter (15)
Got an item from Michael Mamaril
You will find Michael in Sanctuary. Here is a video to help you get this achievement. Direct Link.

Definitely An Italian Plumber (15)
Killed Donkey Mong
Donkey Mong is a giant enemy that will throw metal barrels at you. Here is a video to help you kill him. Direct Link.

High-Flying Hurler (10)
Killed a flying enemy with a thrown Tediore weapon
This should not be too hard since Rakks will be flying straight at you in large groups. When you reload a Tediore weapon, you toss the old weapon where you are aiming. Make this easy by first weakening the Raking, then allowing it to skydive to eye level before throwing the gun at it.

Token Gesture (20)
Redeemed 25 tokens
You get a token every time you complete a badass challenge and you fill the bar. There will be frequent opportunities to get this so you should be able to unlock the achievement soon enough during your playthrough.

Unseen Predator (20)
Remained in Zero's Deception mode for ten seconds straight
To achieve this, you have to get the skill in the far-right skill tree so that when you kill someone, you pop out another hologram. Build up your character’s Bloodshed skill tree until the last one. Every time you deploy your holographic decoy, it adds time to the Deception duration until you unlock the achievement.

Build Buster (20)
Killed a Constructor without it ever building another bot
You will get this during the mission, ‘Out of Body Experience’. It will be much easier on a higher level where you have plenty of top weapons to choose from. Another Constructor can be found in the mission, ‘Bright Lights, Flying City’, and you can destroy this one with a rocket launcher as it emerges from the big gate.

How Do I Look? (25)
Unlocked 10 customization items
These refer to the head and body skins for your in-game character. There are many items available for unlocking so getting this achievement should not be hard. Do all the side quests you come across and also loot these items whenever you come across them.

Friendship Rules (10)
Revived someone from "Fight for Your Life!" that is on your friends list
You will get this online when you play with friends that are on your list. You can also use another controller and do it in split screen. The other player can be a silver account, so you don’t need to go online.

Better Than Money (15)
Purchased 5 items from the black market
You need to find Crazy Earl for this. He is to be found in Sanctuary, near Moxxi’s place. Eridium is used as special currency for this purpose. It is not hard to find, but you will need a good amount. You will need to buy something from Crazy Earl for a Story mission. You can add four more items so that you unlock this achievement.

Up High, Down Low (15)
Gave Claptrap a high five
There is only one Claptrap in the game, and there are only two chances for you to get this achievement without starting a new playthrough. During the game, walk up to Claptrap and hit [Y But] to activate the “Gimme Five” option. He will put his hand up for you to melee and unlock the achievement.

Bounty Hunter (25)
Completed 20 side missions
There are side missions all throughout the game. This achievement will take a bit of time, as there are only a certain amount available to complete in each area, but in case you want to check all of the side missions out, here’s a link to them: [FONT=&amp][FONT=&amp]Direct Link [/FONT] [/FONT]

Did It All (40)
Completed all side missions
Okay, so you thought getting 20 of the side missions completed for the ‘Bounty Hunter’ achievement was tough? Try getting through all of them! Here’s a link to each and every side mission so you can check out what you missed: Direct Link

Secret Achievements

First One's Free (10)
Completed the mission "My First Gun"
This is very easy and will come very early in the game. Find the first Claptrap and loot his locker. You will find a pistol and the achievement will pop. Piece of cake really.

Dragon Slayer (20)
Completed the mission "Best Minion Ever"
This is story related and cannot be missed. Just follow Claptrap from the first town through the tundra. You will encounter Boom and Bewm along the way before you reach a dragon-shaped ship in the ice. Go to the top and defeat Flynn. Once you have killed him, board a smaller ship with Claptrap and the achievement will pop after that.

A Road Less Traveled (20)
Completed the mission "The Road To Sanctuary"
Leave the boat and move up the iced path to the catch-a-ride station. Drive over the gap to the Sanctuary and once you get there, talk into the intercom. You will be told that the Core is missing and you have to avenge the death of someone. Go down and kill all enemies you come across. Find the Power Core and return it to Lt. Davis and the achievement will unlock.

New In Town (20)
Completed the mission "Plan B"
After you get to the Sanctuary, talk to Scooter and he will give you two fuel cells and some Eridium. Next, go to Crazy Earl and buy the third fuel cell. Put all the fuel cells in the hatches designated. Finally, go to Roland’s place and talk to the guy outside. He will give you a key to open the door and the achievement will unlock after that.

An Old Flame (20)
Completed the mission "Hunting The Firehawk"
You have to defeat a lot of enemies to get this achievement. Leave Sanctuary and go to Frostburn Canyon. Make sure you carry plenty of ammo. Inside the cave, you will have to fight bandits, goliaths, psychos and other enemies for you to get through all the checkpoints. Inside the lair, you will find your old friend Firehawk, and another wave of enemies will attack both of you. Defeat them, collect the Eridium and give it to Firehawk and the achievement will unlock.

No Man Left Behind (20)
Completed the mission "A Dam Fine Rescue"
This is the 6th story mission, and you are supposed to defeat the W4R-D3N in the Bloodshot Stronghold. You will rescue Roland right after and the achievement will unlock. Here is a video to help you. Direct Link.

Wilhelm Screamed (20)
Completed the mission "A Train To Catch"
As you fight with Wilhelm, he will have spinning blades on the front. These usually block bullets when you shoot at him. It is better to throw a grenade at him so as to stun him and stop the blades. Once you kill him, take the power core and go back to Lt. Davis. Here is a video to help you unlock this achievement. Direct Link.

Sky's The Limit (20)
Completed the mission "Rising Action"
Find Roland and pick up the Eridium nuggets from him and give them to Lilith. After that, there will be a cutscene showing them getting attacked as they lift off and you get left behind. After this, leave the Sanctuary and go to the Fridge. You have to fight off some rats on the way until you get to the door. Here, you will find angel to help you and the achievement will unlock after that.

Can See My House From Here (20)
Completed the mission "Bright Lights, Flying City"
During this mission, you face a real fight against the constructor bot. The best weapons to use here are the shock weapons, though fire or explosives also work. Watch out for its flying tentacles when you are close to it, and the balls of goo it throws at you when you are far. Once you are through, fast travel to Sanctuary and go talk to Roland again. The achievement will pop afterwards.

Farewell, Old Girl (20)
Completed the mission "Wildlife Preservation"
The aim of the mission is to find the bird that was lost by the sniper guy. You will encounter many tough robot enemies, and the final boss fight is against the bird itself. It has now been mutated and is in a very bad mood. It has three different elemental forms’ fire, electricity and corrosive. You should go for this after reaching at least level 19 and arm yourself with a good shield and weapons. Here is a video to help you. Direct Link.

Got The Band Back Together (20)
Completed the mission "The Once and Future Slab"
You need plenty of ammo since there are many enemies to defeat. Take the note from Roland and deliver it to the Slab King in Thousand Cuts. Once you get here, you have to fight your way through many enemies in order to get to Buzzard Factory. Talk to the Slab King and return to the Sanctuary. The achievement will pop after that.

Identity Theft (20)
Completed the mission "The Man Who Would Be Jack"
This opponent is very tough. Here is a video to help you. Direct Link.

An Angel's Wish (25)
Completed the mission "Where Angels Fear To Tread"
After you blow up all of the auto turrets, the BNK-3R boss will appear and start shooting at you. You need to be armed with a good rocket launcher and lots of ammo. You should also have at least $7000. Fire at him from under the platform and refill at the ammo dump. Here is a video to help you. Direct Link.

Bombs Away (20)
Completed the mission "Toil And Trouble"
Here is a video to help you unlock this achievement. Direct Link.

Knowing Is Half The Battle (20)
Completed the mission "Data Mining"
Here is a video to help you earn this achievement. Direct Link.

Cool Story, Bro (30)
Defeated Jack
You will be in a small boss fight with Jack, and then he will unleash The Warrior for the second, real boss fight. He is level 32 and has at least 100,000 health so prepare for a tough fight. Here is a video to help you. Direct Link.

What does it mean? (15)
I can't even capture it on my camera
Here is a video to help you earn this achievement easily. Direct Link.

Well That Was Easy (10)
Completed the mission "Shoot This Guy in the Face"
You will find the guy in Thousand Cuts, right beside a cliff after you go past the bridge. The guy has an exclamation mark on his head. Make sure you shoot him in the head to unlock this achievement.

Thresher Thrashed (30)
Defeated Terramorphous the Invincible
Terramorphous is one of the three super-powered giant bosses in the game. Here is a video to help you find him and defeat him. Direct Link.

Feels Like The First Time (10)
Opened the chest at the bus stop in Fyrestone
Late in the story line, you will be passing through Fyrestone headed for a mission. You will find a chest on top of the motel next to the elevated highway. Just open it and the achievement will unlock. Here is a video to help you. Direct Link.
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