Bought a used X now lost games

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    Apr 27, 2019
    I upgraded from an xbox one S to a used xbox one X and now some of my digital games aren't working. The were installed on my external hard drive and they gave me an error code and said "do you own this game"? Now I tried:

    -reset console to factory
    -format external drive
    -uninstalling and reinstalling (the game doesn't even show up on 'ready to install' games and doesn't give me a link to install them from the game store'.

    I am talking about Recore and Battlefront 2 though I may have others that aren't there anymore. Halo 5 and another game didn't show up on 'ready to install games' but when I went to the store they allowed me to download them.

    Microsoft's advice for the 0x803f8001 error is to make sure you are signed in and on Xbox Live, 2 make sure it's your home console, and 3 have the other person sign into Xbox live.

    None of these seems to be working.

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