Xbox One But what about FIFA 17???


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May 23, 2017
The FIFA 17 is great to although there much more latency when controlling the player the game is more realistic than the previous FIFAs. I don't think it's that bad it just takes a lot of getting use to.
You might hate me for this but I actually think this year PES 17 beats FIFA 17 and I'm a long time FIFA player. I feel like they've put too much effort into single story mode and forgot to fix some main issues. Also, the improvements they've made to the actual gameplay are minor. I'm talking specifically about passing - it seems like it's worse than the years before?? Maybe I'm delusional.

I did enjoy the single story mode and improved graphics but I feel like they should focus their attention on more important things considering the budget they worked with. Still, prefer old FIFA's.
@Algera couldn't agree more! To be honest, the last great Fifa was Fifa 14. I honestly have no earthly clue what they've been doing since. Pro Evolution Soccer 17' was clearly better than Fifa 17. Anyone with basic gaming sense can understand that. But you nailed it, Fifa puts way too much effort in the story, rather than fixing key components. I feel like when it comes to the controls of Fifa 17, the response times are much slower than they originally were on previous installments. Sometimes, I feel like the directors at E.A. Sports are cavemen, lacking creativity and innovation...