Xbox 360 Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2010 Achievements


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Jun 24, 2012
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Below you can find the all the achievements you can earn in Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2010. You get points for completing specific game tasks or by simply completing levels. There really are a number of ways you can unlock an achievement. This guide or list will help you figure that out faster. Check the description below to see how the achievement is unlocked. By obtaining points you’ll increase your Gamerscore associated with your Xbox Live Profile. Hey, some people call it bragging rights and others will call it good form when completing the game. It’s up to you decide if you want the extra motivation to go after these. Enjoy!

Dangerous Hunts 2010 Achievement List

Easy As Falling Off A Log (10)
Survive the log balance event

I Walk The Line (10)

Cross all the log balance events

I Regret This Decision (10)

Escape the Bear pit

Silent Hunter (5)

Shoot any animal with a crossbow

What Big Teeth You Have (10)

Survive a predator hunt

F+ (5)

Complete any objective without getting a medal

Searching For Meaning (5)

Use a scope 42 times

Duck And Cover (10)

Collect all the Cover Points in any hunt

Bronze Beauty (10)

Get your first Bronze Medal

Cool Silver (10)

Get your first Silver Medal

Solid Gold (10)

Get your first Gold Medal

Goldilocks' Revenge (10)

Bag all 4 bears in the game

Wasically Wabbits (10)

Shoot 20 rabbits

One Shot, Two Kills (20)

Shoot 2 animals with one shotgun shot

Heartbreaker (20)

Perform 14 heart shots

Metal Deer Solid (20)

Bag any deer from within 9 yards

Splinter Smell (20)

Get within 6 yards of any animal without alerting it

It’s A Long Shot (50)

Bag an animal from beyond 80 yards

William Tell (30)

Hunt 30 animals with a crossbow

Muzzlelover (30)

Hunt 30 animals with a muzzleloader

Pistolero! (30)

Hunt 30 animals with a pistol

Welcome To The Order (100)

Complete the game

I Love Gooold! (100)

Get all Gold Medals in any level

A True Hunter's Sense (100)

Complete any level without using Hunter Sense

Ultimate Hunter (200)

Get all Gold Medals for all hunts

Ultimate Tracker (160)

Collect at least 90 animal signs

Secret Achievements

What's This Button Do? (5)
Pressed the Left Bumper 10 times