Can not purchase anything from the Marketplace!


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Jul 26, 2012
I do not know if this question in repeated or not, you have quite a rich forums here :)

Anyway am from Egypt and while my vacation in USA last December I bought an xbox from Bestbuy store, it turned out to be NTSC while all the CDs that are sold here is PAL but this is not the main problem since I though what the hell I will buy from the marketplace which I was shocked that I can not buy from Egypt!

Am sure there is some sort of a work around, I have tried creating a US account and still cant purchase from the marketplace... so imagine am stuck with my console with no games to buy either online or from the games stores and Halo game redeem points that I can not even redeem from Egypt =D

Thanks in advance for your reply
I'm not sure about purchasing things off of the marketplace. I would call Microsoft directly (Get the number here: Direct Link) and ask them about it. I have a feeling that you will either have to purchase your games online (i.e. Amazon US, Ebay US, etc.) and have them shipped to you. Not sure if they ship to Egypt or not though. Plus, I would guess that shipping costs will be quite high. Perhaps you have family in the US that can send games to you? Otherwise, I'd say bite the bullet and buy a European Xbox and sell your old one.

Sorry I didn't have a better solution! Good luck!