Xbox 360 Can you rent games ?


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Aug 2, 2012
Is there a possibility to rent XBox games or not? Not everyone can afford to buy all of them, they cost a pretty penny, especially the nice ones. Could you rent a game at the video store or not ?
Of course you can. Even in my town, which is not the biggest, there are a few stores where you can rent games or even exchange the ones you don't like for other games. You can even exchange them online...
Yes, you can rent video games at video rental stores, although online rental services are becoming more popular. Game Fly, for example, is basically the same thing as Netflix, except you're renting games through the mail rather than movies.
As long as you have access to at least postal mail you should be good to go. The thing that bugs me is even being an adult with a nice paying job, I still do not get to buy every game I want. :)
Haha madmike - I know EXACTLY what you mean!! When I was a teenager, I couldn't wait to be grown so that I could "do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to". If only I had known what being a grown-up is REALLY all about!!

As for the video games, I used to rent them from Blockbuster all the time. Then, a Movie Gallery opened up in town and I started renting there when they introduced a monthly pass. After that, a Video Warehouse opened that undercut both stores, so I started renting from there. Eventually, Netflix took its toll on our brick-and-mortar video rental options and all three stores closed down. Now, I just rent through Game Fly, like shootemup mentioned.