Xbox 360 Chaos Theory


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Mar 27, 2012
I have an original "day one" xbox 360 with original hard drive.
I am trying to play splinter cell chaos theory (multiplayer) on it.
Physical game disc not D/L vers.
I believe when I first purchased the 360 I was able to play this game online after a simple D/L.
I was using a different gamer tag though.
This is what happened when I tied to go online.
It tells me I need an update that will start when I log out and sign back in (press A).
But it never starts.
So then I learned that I need to D/L co-op maps then the multi-player maps first.
But when I go to co-op/xboxlive it will not let me sign into xbox live.
In fact it doesn't let me sign into xbox live on any game mode.
I have tried to sign out on the 360 and start game then sign in through the game and this doesn't work either.
I deleted the system cache and re-downloaded update but it still wont connect to xboxlive.
Is there a port I need open?
Is it still possible to play older games on 360?
what should I do?
How do I play this game online now?

any help is appreciated...
Hmm... that is weird what happens when you try to go on the game without internet?