chess games


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Sep 22, 2011
I used to love playing chess, but never played it on a console or computer. Has anyone heard of Chessmaster or any other chess game for the Xbox? For anyone who has played chess, do you like playing online against other people or one-on-one against the computer?
There IS a Chessmaster version for the Xbox! I haven't played it, but I assume it's basically like the computer version (which I have played).
I prefer to play against a person in chess. I mean the computer can do anything I think, but a person is just a person. I use to play it on the PC with a pal of mine that is from Argentina. He was on the chess team for his school and I couldn't beat him. It was just a fun social thing.
I like to play chess, on my computer, but I prefer playing against a real person. I never considered playing chess on my console,
so I am not sure on the gameplay.
I think chess is fun on the computer and in person. I don't know about playing on Xbox though. I guess it might be fun to play with somebody random but I would really only play if it were free.