City of Heroes / City of Villains


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Sep 22, 2011
Cyty of Heroes / City of Villains are two MMORPG games, developed by Cryptic Studios, based on the superhero comic book genre. They were merged together a few years ago, so that users could choose to take sides to be either superheroes or supervillains. Once you reach a certain level, you can play as a Vigilante or Rogue, thus having access to both sides.

Has anyone tried this game? Reviews say it's one of the most awesome things nowadays for comic book fans...
I have not played, but your description of it has made me want to. I enjoy the occassional comic book, so I think I could get into this game. Do you happen to know, where I can check this game out at?
I think I remember when those game first came out! They seemed really cool, and I liked that you could choose to be either a villain or a hero.
Oh, I remember this! I used to be a hardcore "City of Heroes/Villains" fan, though I did favor the villain side. It's definitely worth a look if you love superheros. Another one to check out is "Champions" by the same company.
I would rather play as a villain, too. They have a lot more fun in games. However, the ability to switch sides would be really interesting. In role-playing games, it's the shades of gray in characters that really make them interesting. So, the anti-heroes and the villains with some redeeming qualities make great characters.
CoH/CoV also has a really interesting way of dealing with character death. You get "Experience Debt" for it when you die, and you earn XP half as fast until the debt is paid off.

Our Supergroup's battle cry was "Victory or Debt!" We thought we were geniuses for coming up with that. XD
It is on my to do list but then again so is Batman: Arkham City. Our local stores have all been sold out so I had to order online and wait for the delivery, which is running a week late already.
Has anyone else noticed that they tend to break out all the awesome releases all at the same time? It'd be nice if they'd space them throughout the year.
Really? Everyone wanted to play on the villains' side? Well, I think it can be a lot more challenging to be a hero. You have to save the day and also try to do your best to not kill your opponents during the battles. You know, like in the comic books. If you're the hero, you're supposed to defeat your enemy and put him in a correctional facility (usually, in prison). A villain, however, has it easy: he can always kill the hero without any regrets...
Haha, the thing is, the heroes in CoH definitely kill. As my one Scrapper hero, I "arrested" enemies by sticking eight-inch-long blades through their chest, and my Blaster arrested them by setting them on fire repeatedly.