Classic PC games


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Sep 22, 2011
I still love to play classic PC games, though of course it's getting harder to emulate them properly with each new technological update thing I do to my computer. :p My favorite classic PC game is probably the Carmen Sandiego games! What about you? What's your favorite classic PC game?
I agree with you, Pam. It is very hard to get them to play on computers now, because they say that computers now cannot play old games since computers are TOO technologically advanced. So it's not that the game is too advanced for the computer like always, LOL!

I think that my favorite is Lego Racers.
I wonder if classic PC games will become obsolete in the near future. I mean, with the launch of Windows 8, most of the old games will not be compatible anymore and it will be more and more difficult to emulate them.

As for my classic PC game series, I have to agree with Pamalala regarding the Carmen Sandiego games. Those were amazingly fun to play in their time...
Plenty of new games can become "classics", too! I'd say I'm more nostalgic for things that were actually better before they became "improved" - like TV game shows. I don't really think classic PC games are something to mourn because plenty of decent (and better!) games abound.
Define classic. For old games, I love playing solitaire and minesweeper. I still play them occasionally. Doom and C&C RA1 is pretty classic to me but I don't play them as much as I do when I first got them.
I still love to play classic PC games, though of course it's getting harder to emulate them properly with each new technological update thing I do to my computer. :p My favorite classic PC game is probably the Carmen Sandiego games! What about you? What's your favorite classic PC game?

Wow, I remember those Carmen San Diego games! I used to love those games!! I also like this computer game we used to have about life on the frontier, but now I can't remember the name of it. And my all-time favorite classic PC game would have to be Wheel of Fortune - I can remember playing it on a Tandy!!!
I have memories of playing some old-school computer games like Moriarty, some bug-bashing game, and some marble-moving game that my uncle got me into when I was a kid. I don't miss these games, but certainly appreciate how they helped introduce me to PC gaming at a young age.
I used to still play Morrowind not so long ago, now that's a classic! Other than that they pretty much seem outdated to me. Graphics are way better nowadays and with new games you have a lot more features and options.
I used to play those Carmen Sandiego games, too! ("Where in the world is... Carmen Sandiego?!") I loved those games, along with Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, which I first remember playing on a Tandy computer, ha ha!!!
gamesgalore - I remember those Tandy computers very well! I got my first Tandy from Radio Shack, back when we still had one in this little rinky-dink town I live in, ha ha!! The mouse even came with its own mouse cover, which looked like... well, a mouse!

As for me, I don't know if it's a "classic" game or not, but I like to play those Age of Empires games, and there's also a marble game that I used to LOVE to play, although I can't remember the name of it now. It was similar to Bejeweled in that you had to match the marbles by color to eliminate them. Does anyone here know what I'm talking about?
Ahhh my first PC game was "Lemon-aid Stand" for the Apple II. It was an educational game designed to teach you to hate lemons and commerce in general. I still don't like lemons, and I've yet to become rich, so clearly it had a huge impact on me.

The most memorable early PC game would have to be Bard's Tale. We'd stay after school and play it until the teachers were done grading papers/prepping for tomorrow, and then we'd all go home. At one point I was given the 'OK' to leave when the janitor locked up, which meant staying for hours after school. When my progress started to rival the best player in the school he demanded to know how I was getting so far in the game, and I started sneaking him into the school after the teachers went home. Together we played his group to the end of the game. He was a brilliant kid (Russian), and near the end of the game he discovered a 'rock golem' spell for his wizard. Upon realizing that these golems were far superior to the rest of the characters in his party, most stats were maxed out at 999, he replaced everyone in his party with golems to get around the 'one golem' limit. Then he skipped the rest of the story (you're supposed to need the gear the story gives you in order to beat the final boss) and after like 1hr of combat he managed to beat the game with just one character (and it's summons).

I still have my first 'console' .. The 'Leisure Vision' (one of Intel's very first commercial electronics endeavors!?), which was like a Colecovision, but cheaper, so my Grandma decided it was better.

I used to play 'Red Clash' till my hands got sore, and then I'd keep playing through the pain.. Last year I started to unpack it and got about half-way done when I jumped onto the net and sure enough, people have ported most of the old games over via the MAME system.

Of course when I looked at the videos of the ROM being played I kinda went, "Wow that sucked!", and didn't bother trying to see what it'd be like to play it now. Who knows I could love it?
Man that brings back memories. I love playing the older PC games. There's something really uncomplicated where the designer has just concentrated on the gameplay and not the graphics. Anyone remember lemmings? It was so frustrating trying to keep those little guys safe and make a platform for them to walk on. I'd cringe when they went SPLAT. Then there was Wolfenstein and the first Doom. These are the games that made me sell my old Commodore Amiga and buy my first PC. It was a 386SX. So, yeah, I love being able to emulate those, as well as having emulators for a lot of the old consoles and arcades.
Yeah once in awhile I'll see some homage to a classic game and I'll be grinning ear to ear knowing the sly dog who coded it is someone from my era.

Speaking of lemmings I was watching a friend play this "save the ice people from drowning" event in GuildWars2 on the weekend..

The game keeps dropping 'ice bears' called 'kodans' in the water. If you don't protect them, they get chewed on by fish and you have to save them from drowning.

Even after you save one from drowning, they are a bit like 'lemmings' and they will swim into danger before they find their way out of the water and run back home to the collection point, where they are counted up and you get a prize if you save enough 'kodans'.

So there's this swimming/diving race to keep bears safe, revive drowning bears, and escort the saved bears.. just like lemmings! It was pretty ironic that the kid playing the game had zero clue about the original Lemmings game. ;p

I love the Solitaire! Minesweeper I don't know how to play (I don't think anybody knows), but I love that too!
What is a classic PC game exactly though? I still like playing the original Unreal Tournament from time to time, since it's my favorite PC game of all time and one of the first I ever played. However, it isn't as old as some DOS games out there, so would those be considered classic while UT isn't? Or would UT be considered classic while a game like UT 2k4 wouldn't?
UT is pretty classic..

I have an ISO of the developers leak that had like 12 layers of textures and was essentially a slide show on the fastest gaming rigs at the time (even a PC with SLI VOODOO cards ran it at ~.2fps).

From what I could tell they were trying to demonstrate the maximum potential of the engine with zero optimization for end-user hardware. The final game was actually 'less attractive' than the developer's leak, but it also ran at a very smooth frame rate. ;p

I have friends that never stopped with PC games, spending insane amounts each year (or every 8 months in some cases) to have the best games and hardware. Just seems a bit excessive to me!
I'm also a lover of classic games especially the racing PC games. My favorite would be the Microsoft's Midtown Madness car racing games and the Road Rash bike games. I don't just see anything replacing these games any soon.. It embarrassing that I have not beaten either games yet I have played them for years now..:D
I spent hours playing Sim Copter, Sim Ant and Sim Tower. I wish the Sim series hadn't been reduced to only the Sims and a crappy browser version of Sim City. I never liked either of those to begin with.
My absolute favorite is Oregon Trail. It was the first one I ever played in elementary school. It was always so excited to shoot buffalo and chat with my friends. I downloaded an Oregon Trail game for my cell phone and it just wasn't the same. I missed the old graphics and dead rabbits. They censored the new version and showed a drumstick after you shot an animal. Lame!