Xbox 360 COD: Black Ops II Nuketown 2025


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Jun 24, 2012
The D
So I saw that there is a Nuketown 2025 preorder bonus for Black Ops II. Anyone planning on preordering it for Nuketown 2025? I'm sure we will be preordering it. I know it's cheesy, but I loved the original Nuketown map. It's so small and you die so much, but I can't help but enjoy it. I'm sure they'll probably release it at a later date for purchase, but it will be nice to have it right off the bat.
I'm gonna pre-order it. It seems pretty cool!
I want to see what 2025 looks like, the suspense is killing me. I'm guessing that they'll just expand it a little and tweak it.
I have pre-ordered. Originally through, but they didn't have the hardened edition available, with all of the bells and whistles (minus the helicopter, and saving $100). It's weird. Hardened available. Oh well, I will get a gift in the mail from Futureshop in mid-November instead. I enjoyed Nuketown, and have recently dusted off Black Ops again. I'm on my 4th prestige, and have only base equipment, but I'm still drawn to it more than MW3 these days. Maybe I'm just MW3'd out.