Xbox 360 Connect a wireless adapter (original Xbox 360 console only)


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Aug 28, 2012
If you want to enjoy the Xbox LIVE entertainment experience, you have to first connect an Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter to your original Xbox 360 console.

Steps to Follow

1) Use the plastic tabs on the adapter to secure it into the slots at the back of your console.

2) Plug the USB cable of the adapter into the USB port of your console.

3) If you have any network cable plugged into the back of your console you should unplug it.

4) Flip up the antennae of the wireless adapter and check the light on it. If the light is green, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

If there is no green light on the adapter, you have to troubleshoot it.

If you have a Kinetic sensor, you should read instructions for Extension cables and USB hubs with the Kinetic sensor.
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