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Sep 19, 2011
By pairing the Xbox 360 with Windows Media Center you can stream movies, music, pictures, and media. Connecting the 360 with your Windows Media Center is actually very easy see below. Official site directions

NOTE: If you were previously using your Xbox 360 with a Windows Media Center XP Based PC, you will need to remove the existing connection.

To remove an existing xp account
  • [1]On the Windows XP Media Center PC
    [2]Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to Media Center, and then click Media Center Extender Manager.
    [3]Select your Xbox 360 and click Properties.
    [4]Click Remove.
    [5]Click Yes to confirm removal.

On the Windows Vista or Windows 7 Media Center PC

  1. Click Start, Windows Media Center.
  2. Select Task, Settings.
  3. Select Extender.
  4. Select your Xbox 360 Media Center Extender.
  5. Select Uninstall.

On Xbox 360

  1. On Xbox 360, go to My Xbox and then System Settings, then select Computers.
  2. Select Windows Media Center, and then press the A button.
  3. Select Disconnect.
  4. Press the B button until you return back to the System Settings.

If you didn't have to remove a previous connection start here.

  1. Gather Setup Key from Xbox 360
  2. Press the Media Center Start button on the remote or go to My Xbox, then select Windows Media Center. Advance through the on-screen instructions to obtain the 8-digit Media Center Setup Key. Write this key down.

Add Extender
  1. At the Windows Vista or Windows 7 Media Center PC, launch Windows Media Center. Select Start, Windows Media Center.
  2. Select Tasks, Add Extender.
  3. When prompted, provide the 8-digit setup key you received from your Xbox 360.
  4. Complete the Extender setup.
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