Console emulator


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Aug 7, 2012
There are a lot of awesome games which aren't available for PC, so we have to use emulators in order to play them. My question is if you found the perfect emulator, which enables you to play the game at its max, without any bugs.
I'm not familiar with console emulators, so I couldn't speak to their quality. I don't really know why someone would buy a console emulator instead of just buying the console itself. Is there a significant price difference between the emulator and the actual console?
Console emulators are not good thing. They are all crappy. You will just satisfy yourself you PC games.
Console emulators are free and all the games of the console being emulated could all be downloaded for free. That's the primary advantage of using emulators. Most emulators for the ps2 onwards are still not perfect and are very unstable. However, the emulators for the psx, n64, etc are all pretty good. Just grab a few USB controllers and you'll feel like you're playing the real thing. One question however, is the legality of the emulators. I Think it's a form of piracy. But since these games being emulated are more than a decade old, I think it's ok for gaming's sake.