Xbox 360 Controller Battery Conservation


New Member
Jul 7, 2012
In order to conserve the controller's battery life, we turn the controller off whenever we're not using it, even if the console is still on. This is particularly true when we watch Netflix. Usually, we just pop the battery pack out and back in really quick; that turns the controller off without disturbing anything on-screen. Does anyone else do this, or do you utilize the menu option, "Turn Off Controller"?
I keep the controller on because even if I am watching Netflix or Zune, if the phone rings or if someone comes to the door, I like the ability to pause the movie quickly. I would tell the Xbox to pause via Kinect, but that doesn't always seem to work for me if I have the volume up. I just use the rechargable controller batteries.
We always pop the battery out of the slot in the back like PRFCT does. If we need to turn it back on to pause a movie or something it doesn't take but a second to do so.
I used to use the on-screen menu option for turning the controller off, but I went over to someone's house one time and watched them pop the battery out and back in and it just seemed so much quicker, so that's what I do nowadays, too. :)