Xbox 360 Cooling Fan


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Aug 1, 2012
Do any of you guys use the cooling fan attachment on your 360? We do now after having to ship ours back to Microsoft for the dreaded "red ring of death". They fixed it though and now we just leave the fan plugged up to it.
Ahh, the infamous red ring of death! Luckily, we have never had that issue with ours... knock on wood! As for the cooling fan attachment, we don't use ours because it seems like it makes our console hotter than if we don't use it. That's backwards I know, but it still made me nervous, so we just run the console without the fan.
I don't want to jinx myself by speaking it aloud (haha) but we don't use our cooling fan, either. We used it when we first brought our Xbox 360 home, but it didn't seem like it really worked as far as keeping the console cool. It would still heat up and like shootemup said, sometimes the console even seemed to get hotter than if we didn't run the fan.
I have the fan attached to the console, but I only plug it in when we have been using the console for awhile. I don't know if all of them are this way, but our fan is REALLY loud and very distracting.
My fan is also pretty loud but I just turn the volume up and it doesn't bother me anymore. I plug it in immediately because when I play it only means I have a lot of spare time so of course, I would eventually plug it in anyway. It's pretty useful.
And I though I was the only one not using it...I have it too, but it makes a hell of a noise. I barely use it, but my console still doesn't heat up. Weird, sometimes, when I'm using the fan, seems like the console is heating more than when I'm not using it.
I'm using console gets heated up pretty much, but I hate that damn noise...sometimes it drives me crazy, but I'll keep using it, I don't want any red ring problems in the future.