Credentials error


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Aug 11, 2012
Hey guys.

I don't know if am allowed to post help threads as I see no specific sections but I thought I needed to get help from somewhere.

I'm getting an error when trying to download my old account. It still has xbox gold ( and gold pp901m on mw3 :) and i guesss :( ) and i need to get the account back so i can play on it again.

This is what the error says . ( for some reason you can't dl profiles offline but you used to be able to )

ERROR: Sorry, there's a problem with the credentials that you are using to sign in.

Visit https:// .com to fix the problem.

I have gone to and tried to sign in with my old account. but it says password is wrong ( even though the DL profiles says it's correct ) I have also gone to Can't access your account but that is no help niether is Google or Youtube.

Please help me. Thanks.
You are absolutely allowed to post help threads :) I would recommend calling Xbox directly (800-4MY-XBOX). They should be able to get you straightened out.
credentials? isnt that like your accont info?

Try to go on and sign into it and see if u have any messages. might just need to verify an email or something
I would check and make sure you are typing your password correctly. Even a random capital can make a difference. If that doesn't work try clicking the forgot password link. If you can't access it that way then contacting Microsoft or Xbox would be the only option left.