Cross-Chat Feature for Playstation Vita


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Mar 8, 2012
I've been hearing that a cross-chat feature is included in the Playstation Vita. Apparently, it's something that many gamers wanted in the PS3, but there wasn't enough memory. Maybe that explains why the Vita has more RAM than the PS3.
The Vita has more RAM than the PS3? I don't know if I like that! Not being a PS3 owner yet, I hate hearing that there's already something out there better! Anyways, what is this cross-chat feature? Are you saying that Vita owners will be able to chat will PS3 users?
Cross-chat means that you can talk to friends who are playing other games. I think that's why they call it cross-chat meaning that it crosses from one game to another. But I think that everyone would need to have a Vita since PS3 doesn't support it. In terms of memory, the Vita has 256 MB of both RAM and video RAM. The PS3 has only 128 MB of RAM but it has 512 MB of video RAM. That seems like a weird "upgrade."
I guess cross-chat sounds interesting, it is something different. That being said, I can't imagine I'd want to chat very often with friends who were playing other games. It seems like that would just take my focus away from the game I'm currently playing.
I read on another website that cross-chat was the feature that people had requested the most. It's just one of several social media-oriented features, and they all seem to be unique to the Vita. "Activity" is another perk for Vita users which allows friends to share updates on what they're playing. It sounds kind of like a scaled-down version of Facebook for gamers.